Our Family Holiday Photoshoot


Family is the very heart of the Anna Alyse brand and I think the last family photo I had taken, I had a bowl cut… No, seriously, y’all. When I find the photo I’ll be sure to share it, then hide from embarrassment. LOL! We were WAYYYYY overdue for some family snaps and I am glad to now have some great shots of all of us together thanks to Matt Davis Photos.

family photo

family photo

family photo

family photo

Although we didn’t necessarily plan our outfits, or for it to be a “holiday” shoot, I was really surprised how well we all coordinated together and how festive we looked!

While taking pics, Erick and also go to break into our own mini-family session with just the two of us. Yay!

He actually wore a red tie in the beginning, and about 10 clicks in, it was gone. Haha! If there is any tip I could give you all, it is that when taking family photos, keep comfort in mind! Photos that are genuine to who you truly are always turn out the best to me, and although I LOVE dressing up in all things glam every once in a while, my red crochet dress from Target was more comfortable and suited to Erick and I… the couple who likes to cuddle cats (and one dog), is building a home, and would rather spend an afternoon watching The Office re-runs than going out on the town. Getting dressed up to the nines has a time and place, and our family photos just didn’t feel like the time. Besides, Erick would have been sweating his butt off if he had to wear a jacket in our 80 degree, December Texas heat.

How often do you all take family pictures or holiday pictures? What are some tips you have?

Our photos were taken by Matthew Davis of Matt Davis Photos. You can get more information or book your own session here.Β 

This pic is my all-time fav. <3




  • Emily


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! <3

    • adunk2

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ These were taken at the casa around 4pm! (Just in case you want pics when you come in for Christmas! Haha!) Can’t wait to see yall again!!!

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