Stress Management – Why You Need “Me Time”


As much of a holiday-lover as I am, I’m going to start this blog with a confession. The holidays can reallllyyyy stress me out! Trying to budget for all the Christmas gifts while building a new house, the increased traffic and crowds nearly everywhere, and the thought of all the work parties bring can really take a toll on me mentally and physically. Don’t get me wrong though, I am definitely not complaining… These are all “first world problems” afterall… I’m just saying that constantly being busy and rushed will ultimately effect your life one way or another, and it is so important to be aware of this so you can make changes accordingly to ensure your life isn’t negatively impacted.

Personally, when I start to feel overloaded, I tend to worry about things a lot and may sometimes get what is best referred to as a short fuse. LOL! For many of us, it is easy to be REactive instead of PROactive in these types of situations, regardless if it is in a business or personal setting. You know what I’m talking about… the outbursts, the venting, the complaining. No matter what you call it, we’ve all been there. The sad thing is  that this is really just spinning wheels and getting you nowhere… which will ultimately make you more stressed because now you are behind on the original task that needed to get done! Aaaaah! It is a very slippery slope, my friends.

However, I’ve learned now that being busy doesn’t always mean being productive. And saying no to something is not the end of the world. Time is our most valuable commodity, and spending a little extra on yourself every now and then is VERY important. In a behavioral psychology class I took in college, I remember my professor talking about how being stressed causes your body to fill with hormones (Ever heard of Fight or Flight, adrenaline, or cortisol?), and if you are constantly on, the hormones never really regulate out which can cause a TON of wear and tear on your body. Your sleeping habits may go out of whack. Your blood pressure may stay elevated, not to mention you could get serious heart problems! Eek!

I am not trying to scare my readers, I just want to remind all of you to make time count – including time for yourself! Being selfish with your time will allow you to be there for the moments that really matter. Take the time to sip your favorite hot cocoa and watch a Christmas movie with your family. Take that extra long bubble bath. Say a few Hail Mary’s (This one always works for my Momma). Heck, it’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself, so go do it! I want all of you to be as happy ans healthy as possible!

My favorite way to spend me-time recently is watching Christmas rom-coms on TV while sipping hot tea. Even if I don’t finish the entire show, the time it takes me to sip my tea is enough to help me relax a little and get the stress hormones back down and in check. Do you all take me-time every now and then? If so, what do you do, and if not, why not?! It’s time to take control of your time and put yourself first! It will be the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season.



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