Yanta Country Cottage – Starting to Take Shape!


Over the last few weeks the land of the future site of the Yanta Country Cottage has REALLY been changing. Stumps have been removed, dirt scraped and rescaped, the ground compacted, and it is truly starting to look like a future home site… Especially now that the form-work is up! If you keep up with me on Instagram (@AnnaYanta), and you should ๐Ÿ™‚ , you will know that our official construction kicked off on October 13th, and since then it has been non-stop movin’ and groovin’. We even have a tentative pour date for our slab, which makes us more excited than EVER! But that’s staying a secret for now. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m not sure if I mentioned it in other posts about our home, but Erick and I decided to be our own home builder, which definitely has its positives and negatives.ย  Basically this means that we do not have an official general contractor overseeing things and scheduling the build process. These tasks fall on us. The biggest plus is that we are saving a ton of money, and it is alsoย great to be out there first-hand speaking to the crews and makings decisions, changes, and schedules that work best for us without going through a middle-man.ย  The biggest downfall is probably that it is taking a lot of our time, especially mine since Erick works full-time… but we have a lot of helping hands from our family members, which is a true God-send!


The decision to be our own builder didn’t take us that long. My dad built the house I grew up in, my aunt’s house, and my brother’s house. He has been there every step of the way to help coordinate workers and order the correct materials, so if I said we were doing it on our own, I’d be lying. The same with my brother. He is probably already sick of my phone calls and we haven’t even poured the slab yet. LOL! Erick’s mom has let us borrow the family truck more times than I can count, and because my mom lives nearby, she calls me when new crews arrive and really keeps an eye on things when I can’t be there. I am so appreciative for having such a wonderful family and support system throughout this project. It is definitely the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken, and I’m sure it will be the most rewarding. So much time, sweat, and LOVE is already in the roots of our home. I have know doubt it will grow to be something great soon!


Also not to be forgotten in our network is my super talented niece, Ava, who is sitting in the tree below. She was kind enough to snap all of these beautiful pictures for us on her wide-angle lens to show you all the progress. It may have taken a while to get started, but before long, we’ll be moved in!


For any of you who have been through a home build, did you have your foundation blessed, or just the completed house?? I’ve heard some stories of both, and some of just the completed house. I’ve even seen some neat ideas of writing bible verses on the suds of the home. Have any of you tried this? I’d love to know your thoughts!



  • Stacie Hamilton


    We did our house blessing by writing bible verses on the studs of our home. Whatever you choose to do will be perfect and meaningful to you.

    • adunk2

      I love this idea! It seems like something that would be fun for the family to do together, and it would make such a nice memory after the home is completed. Thanks, Stacie!

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