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sycamore and amaranth

Brisk breezes are in the air, pumpkin spice everything is in stores, and leaves are slowly and subtly changing colors.  Fall is a well-loved, well-celebrated season, and it is no wonder why. It is the perfect time to get outdoors with family and friends, and it kicks off the fast-approaching holiday season. One local (San Antonio, Texas) jewelry  designer, Whitney Kammer, has managed to capture the essence and beauty nature has to offer with her designs for Sycamore & Amaranth, and they are accessories you will want to give, receive, and wear all season long.

When Whitney reached out to me about doing a collaboration, I was more than excited! When it comes to jewelry, I’m definitely a more-is-more kinda gal and having seen the pieces from Sycamore & Amaranth before on my Instagram so you know I had to say YASSSS, GIRLLL. I love finding local vendors who give back and the fact that Whitney is also inspired by Audrey Hepburn and is a serious girl boss made me love her, and her jewelry, even more.

sycamore and amaranth

 A Girl Boss in the Making

Starting out, Whitney didn’t know she wanted to be a jewelry designer, but she was a distinguished entrepreneur from a young age. “When I was a kid, I used to try to sell ‘art lessons’ to kids in the neighborhood,” Whitney says. Other jobs of hers included babysitting and chores that earned her an allowance which she eventually told her parents she no longer needed because she was self-sufficient. (Hello, Miss Independent! We see you!)

Whitney Krammer, Jewelry Designer & Founder of Sycamore & Amaranth – Click to Learn More

In high school, Whitney’s skill-set broadened by studying VOGUE magazines and learning to sew. She has always had a creative spirit, and when she graduated high school, it came as no surprise that she took her savvy entrepreneurial skills and keen eye for design to Purdue University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Design and Technology and a minor in Art and Design. With that kind of knowledge, you know this girl was eventually destined to create beautiful, wearable pieces of art,  and that is exactly what she did.

A Hand for Helping Others

When Whitney set out to launch her jewelry brand, she wanted her business model to go beyond the typical transaction. In fact, she used her own life mantra from role model Audrey Hepburn as a guideline. “As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Keeping this in mind, Whitney found the perfect match with Girls Inc. of San Antonio, and decided to give 10% of every sale back to their organization. Why Girls, Inc? Because their main goal is to empower young girls to succeed, and as Whitney details, “it’s the ultimate women-supporting-women organization and it gives me so much hope for the future.”


girls inc

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Being an independent woman and successful business owner of her own, nothing made Whitney happier than having the opportunity to help other young girls achieve their dreams too. Programs such as summer camps, STEM-centered camps, as well as leadership and mentoring training sessions are all centered around the mission to teach girls to be smart, strong, and bold, and to uphold this message even more, all programs are taught by women for women.  (Has there ever been a better example than that?! GIRL POWER!) School, church, and community programs are also available to help bring the power of our your princess as well! You can learn more about their programs here.

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Sycamore and Amaranth is Born

With the plan to give back in place, it was time to start designing and selling jewelry! All metalwork for her jewelry is made in the United States, California to be exact,  with a company Whitney speaks with first-hand. Upon  receiving an order ,Whitney hand-sets the semi-precious gem stones, all naturally occurring, herself. (Seriously, y’all. How many of you can say that the jewelry you are wearing was actually touched and finished by the actual designer. So neat!) Because each stone is different (you can even request specific stone types upon ordering) no two stones are ever the same  – they are truly one-of-a-kind. However, collectively the geometric shapes and natural elements used in all of her designs make them perfect to mix and match, or wear with many different style outfits.

The beautiful Fern earring and necklace pairing  with howlite stones look fantastic paired with a simple gray tee, yet are still glamorous enough to wear with a lace frock for a night out on the town. The intricate gold-tone or silver-tone metal frame around the stone is not only stunning, but sturdy as well.  The earring backs fit snuggly on the ear without feeling too tight or heavy, and as if the pieces aren’t stunning enough on their own, cubic zirconia stone are also added for a little dash of sparkle.   (Fun Fact –  in some parts of the world, Howlite is used as a healing stone and is said to relieve stress and soothe an overactive mind…  I can’t attest to all these claims, but I can tell you that staring at its wondrous marble-like appearance has definitely been helping. 🙂 )

sycamore and amaranth

Fern Earrings in Gold with Howlite Stone – Click for Details

sycamore and amaranth

Fern Earrings in Gold with Howlite Stone – Click for Details

For those of you looking to add a touch of glamour to this  season’s minimalist trend, the Iris Cuff or Bird of Paradise Ring may be the way to go.  The cuff below features a moody, mesmerizing obsidian stone. Obsidian stone is rumored to be a protective stone used to remove negativity, and being that it  is a volcanic glass that cast light in every direction when the sunlight hits it just right, I’d say the description is accurate. The ring shown is made with the equally alluring moss agate. If you look close enough, you will see inclusions that look like small trees and plants.

sycamore and amaranth

Iris Cuff in Gold with Obsidian Stone – Click for Details

sycamore and amaranth

Iris Cuff in Gold with Obsidian Stone – Click for Details

sycamore and amaranth

Iris Cuff in Gold with Obsidian Stone – Click for Details

sycamore and amaranth

Bird of Paradise Ring in Gold with Moss Agate Stone – Click for Details

If you’re bold and looking to turn-heads, the statement making Bird of Paradise Necklace is the way to go. It features THREE delicately cut natural stones for maximum impact… and yes, you get to pick each stone! (I can already picture the silver-tone necklace with the turquoise-hues amazonite stones looking absolutely on point for the upcoming Rodeo in February.  Check. It. Out!) 

Other stones to choose from, in addition to the obsidian, moss agate, amazonite and howlite, include labradorite, lapis, and rutilated quartz. With so many choices available, it will be hard to choose your favorite. ( I highly recommend gifting a few pieces to your friends and family for Christmas so you can share, mix, and match. 😉 )

Sycamore and Amaranth jewelry can be purchased online, but to get your jewelry fix and girl-power inspiration in the meantime, follow Sycamore & Amaranth on Facebook and Instagram. The right accessories already make you feel powerful. Why not make them do a little more? 🙂


A special THANK YOU to Whitney Kammer for allowing me to share her design process and photograph her beautiful pieces of jewelry. I am overjoyed to be helping a business woman who is helping others. Whitney, I am proud of you for creating Sycamore & Amaranth the way you did. You are a true inspiration to girls and business owners everywhere.

This post was a sponsored collaboration between Anna Alyse and Sycamore & Amaranth.

Jewelry – Sycamore & Amaranth

Jewelry Designer – Whitney Krammer

Styling & Photography – Anna Alyse

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