Wholey Cheese! A Tasty New Snack


When someone asks if you want a snack, the answer is always YES. When the Oprah Magazine asks if you want a snack, the answer is OMGAHHH YES! New to the shelves of supermarkets across the nation, Snyder’s of Hanover has just launched their Wholey Cheese snack line and it is anything but your typical cracker.

If Snyder’s of Hanover sounds familiar, it is probably because you have munched on their delicious pretzels before. Already reigning supreme in that snack category, it isn’t that far of a stretch to see them succeed so greatly in making artisanal cheese crackers. Why artisanal? Because the go beyond the mild cheddar variety (although this is an option, too) to bring you Swiss and Black Pepper, and also… brace yourselves… SMOKED GOUDA.

Unlike some other cheesy cracker snacks, these are light and flaky and as my husband noted, don’t get gummy and stuck in your teeth. They have a great crunch, but are also airy, which is nice because you don’t feel too stuffed after eating them, and since they have sophisticated flavors, could also hold up nicely at a gathering paired with charcuterie accompaniments and a glass of wine.

I had several people in my family try the snack, and so far the consensus is that ALL flavors were fantastic, but the favorite was the smoked gouda.

In addition to great flavor, you can munch on 28 crackers for only around 120-130 calories, depending on your flavor preference. Yes, you read that right, 28, which is probably due to the fact that they are baked with REAL cheeses, not fried. That is a pretty decent amount to satisfy hunger.

What else makes it a snack choice I’d reach for again? Well, it’s more in what these crackers DON’T have.

In every flavor there are:



Holy toledo! (Or maybe I should say, WHOLEY CHEESE! ) This has got to be the unicorn of cheesy snack crackers, and it is a snack I would not feel bad about putting in my niece and nephews lunch boxes. You can find these snack crackers on the snack food aisle at your nearest grocery store. I suggest grabbing all three flavors so you can discover your own favorite, and then buying three more bags and hiding them so the kiddos don’t eat your stash. #toughlove Haha!  Happy snacking, guys! What are some of your favorite things to much on?


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