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To My Niece & Other Future Girl Bosses


NJHS, The National Junior Honor Society. I remember when I was in junior high and received my acceptance letter. I was so excited and proud of myself… and my mom took me shopping for a new dress to wear which was a nice bonus. (Love you, Momma!) Although I was quiet in those days, the dress I picked was not. Β It was hot pink with hot pink tulle poking out the bottom, and is probably still hanging in the closet at my mom’s house because I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it… and neither could my mom.

This past week, my beautiful niece, Ava, walked across the stage at her own junior high and was inducted into the NJHS. That’s what brought on all these memories. I have to say, she is growing up to be such a well-rounded, intelligent young lady, and someone I know will inspire others. Her academics are top notch. She is a kick BUTT drummer. She is an amazing goalie for her soccer team, and she volunteers on weekends at a horse rescue ranch for horses and other animals that have been neglected. I am so proud of her. ( And doesn’t she look like a super model strutting her stuff on a runway here?! She seriously reminds me of Brooke Shields! Get it Girl. *Snap, Snap* )


I recently started listening to the GirlBoss Radio podcasts in the mornings while I’m putting on my makeup, I HIGHLY recommend them, and can honestly say she seems to have a lot of qualities these admiral women have at such a young age. She is ambitious and confident (almost naively so -“Nothing can stop me!”), to the point that she signed herself up to attend a pre-veterinary program at A&M University and THEN told us about it after the fact to take her. At her age, I was worried about getting food stuck in my braces – not my collegiate career! She wants to be a veterinarian one day, and I know what you’re thinking, everyone wants to be a vet at that age, but her drive is like nothing I’ve seen. It’s different. I really believe she is going to do it.

To my dear niece and other future girl bosses, here is my message to you:

Believe in yourself always. Keep your head held high and remain focused. Push yourself and never stop learning. Never settle. If you feel like no one has your back – I do. I’m rooting for you, waiting for you to succeed, because I KNOW, and you know in your soul too, that it is going to happen.Β You are destined for greatness. You are what the world has been waiting for.

What advice do you have for the future generation of girls out there?


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