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#OMagInsiders Welcome Box


If there’s anything better than a surprise it has got to be getting a surprise in the mail! Besides the few Amazon boxes and occasional sales I find online, the only thing I ever find on my front porch are lizards. (I’m fine with them as long as they don’t go jumping on me.) Seeing a box with the O logo on it sent me into a tizzy and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even the one to find it.

After impatiently waiting all day, I had come to terms that my box wasn’t going to arrive until the next day. I plated supper for Erick and I and as I was setting the food down, I heard him come in the door with a box in his hands. He told me it had my name on it and I’ve never moved so quickly to retrieve it from his hands. Our home is older and never had a doorbell. I must have missed the knocking when the package was dropped off.

Β I carefully unboxed the items one at a time, taking the time to look over and soak in the moment. I am so grateful to have been chosen as an #OMagInsider and ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine. The other Insiders I have met so far are truly uplifting and always willing to lend a helping hand – no matter what the concern. Even the staff at O, The Oprah Magazine have been incredible. The boxes were well planned and had a lot of detail. Even the ribbon had the logo on it. :) Below are some of the items I received and I cannot say THANK YOU enough – for the gifts, for the comradery, for this opportunity, and most of all for believing in me.




A website with more information on everything is launching soon, and there are even more exciting things on the horizon for me, but I can’t share anything yet. Subscribe and stay tuned, and tell me something YOU are grateful for today. <3



  • KindraStarr


    I TOTALLY share your love for packages! There is nothing better than snail mail or getting a package with your name on it! I am thankful for the opportunities that have been offered to me, and the amazing relationships that this life has introduced me to! Cannot wait to hear more about your adventure!

    • adunk2

      Thank you!!! And yes, nothing beats snail mail, especially if it’s a hand-written letter. I need to catch up on all of YOUR adventures! It looks like you’re headed towards amazing things. πŸ™‚

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