Women Helping Women – Make SHIFT Happen


It’s Women’s History Month, and that means it’s time for me to flex my writing muscle. 😉 When I was a journalist for my high school newspaper, I quickly learned that typical investigative journalism wasn’t for me. I didn’t like “interrogating” people, which it felt like I was doing, and sometimes I completely and whole-heartedly just didn’t support an assignment I was given, which was the WORST.

Today, the latter is the very reason I write. I get to choose the topics, set the pace, and great things have come from it. While discussing a question from a Q&A session I recently completed, my mom told me her life motto would be “Always be true to yourself,” and by sharing stories of my personal life, faith, and family, I’ve done just that.  It has caused my readership to grow, led me to become an O, The Oprah Magazine Insider, and most importantly, it has brought me the opportunity to meet INCREDIBLE people.

This week I was connected with two women who are true movers and shakers in our society, and after interviewing them, I am immensely proud that they have allowed Anna Alyse to be a vehicle to share their incredible stories. In the upcoming weeks, keep an eye out for riveting new updates that will have you rethinking the way you shop.

A positive shift in change starts with one person. It starts with me by writing, and it starts with you by sharing. Spread stories. Spread support. Spread LOVE.








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