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A Great Tasting, Healthy Meal – Rise Up Acai

acai bowl

Often times when people mention healthy food to me, visions of bland, green heaps of vegetables come to mind. The folks at Rise Up Acai, however, have perfected the balance.

Driving down Broadway Street in San Antonio, TX with my mom riding shotgun and the GPS on, we were ready to see what these acai bowls were all about. What drew my attention to this place wasn’t the fact that it served nutritious, good-for-you, foods (the high antioxidants are a nice perk, though πŸ™‚ ), it was the fact that the pictures I had seen online and on social media looked So. Darn. Tasty… and more like a delicious bowl of fancy health food sundae! After having to do a quick turn-around and parking, we had arrived at our destination hungry and eager! (It is in a white strip center next to a dry cleaners and is somewhat easy to miss. Keep this in mind on your trek!)

The space was open and airy, and a few updates of some sort were being made, but since going back a second time – Yes, I have already visited AGAIN! – they are completed. There are tables and chairs if you bring company or need space to spread out your work, Β and also a spacious bar area. Compared to other similar coffee shops I’ve been to, this one seemed a little quieter, which I personally like. I work best without a lot of noise and distractions. Unfortunately, the day I went I had a few errands to run, so I didn’t get to sit and enjoy my first ever acai bowl there.

acai bowl

Above where you order are large chalkboards hand-lettered with nearly a dozen different acai bowl options. There was a Kale Yeah that blended, you guessed it, KALE into the mix, options with bee pollen to help boost immunity against allergies, and even a PB&J for the peanut-butter lovers out there. After going back and forth with my mom on what to get, we decided it was best to start with the Classic Brazilian pictured Β above and below.

acai bowl

After a five minute wait or so, my acai bowl had arrived and it looked GOOD. We eat with our eyes first, and this place definitely takes that into consideration with their presentation. Rather than just dumping the blended ingredients into a bowl, they carefully layer the bowls with granola and then garnish the top with… well, whatever it is the bowl you chose gets garnished with! My first bowl had perfectly arranged fresh bananas, granola, and honey, but when I ordered Β the Lavender Bowl my second visit, I was happily surprised to see my bowl decorated with beautiful and delicate edible flowers.

acai bowl

acai bowl

Now the important part – TASTE! (I did say I went back, didn’t I?!) The acai berries were frozen and blended giving them a thick, sorbet-like texture. They were sweet, but not overpowering, which is important for me because I have to watch my blood sugar. It was creamy. It was fresh. It is a meal replacement option I actually wouldn’t mind replacing a meal with!Β 

Bowls range from $8-$13 dollars and smoothies and coffee beverages are also available. To learn more about Rise Up Acai and the many Β health benefits, visit their Instagram page… or better yet, order yourself a bowl in-person at 6401 Broadway. The latter option is one I highly recommend. πŸ™‚


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