Cue the Confetti – I’ve Got GOOD News!

O Magazine Inner Ciricle

YAY!!!! I’m beyond excited to be sharing this news with you all. A few months ago I was sitting at my mom’s dining room table skimming through O, The Oprah Magazine when she stopped me on a page and said, “I think you’d be good at this. You should apply.”

I questioned her a little wondering what it was all about and later that evening when I went home did some research and decided to do just that – apply. I submitted my application with information on my blog, social media sites, and other fun tidbits, and as hopeful as I was, I really didn’t think I’d get it. Yes, I definitely consider myself the go-to person when it comes to decorating for a party or finding a great new place to eat,  but compared to the other applicants who had followings in the thousands, I felt like I fell a little short.

Fast forward to today,  a month and a half later, I received a follow-up email about signing and returning a Terms and Conditions Contract because the deadline was fast approaching… You read that right, a follow-up email.  ” What deadline? And where was the FIRST email?!”  I thought to myself.  I scrolled through the email trail to see what was going on and then the biggest smile came across my face. Out of  thousands of  applicants, I was chosen to be one of the fifty O Magazine Insiders for 2017!  It read:

“After reviewing over a thousand submissions, we’ve selected 50 of the most influential, engaged, and enthusiastic fans of O, The Oprah Magazine to join O Mag Insiders: The Inner Circle of O for the next year – and you’re one of them.”

O Magazine Inner CIrcle

After the short-lived WOOHOO!!!!  sheer panic set in as I realized I needed to get my forms read, signed, and returned before the deadline because YES, I WANT TO DO THIS! I don’t know how I missed the original email!

The good news is everything has been taken care of and  I’m officially a member of the Inner Circle of O.  What does this mean? It means I’ll be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on different events, products,  and places provided by the O Magazine editorial staff and advertisers.  Opinions will be 100% MINE, so I am excited to generate positive change through informative feedback, and  find great places and products for you all… or at least be the guinea pig so you don’t have to be. 🙂

I cannot thank the staff at O, The Oprah Magazine enough for choosing me. It is such an honor to be considered an influencer, and to have the opportunity to have my voice heard.

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Now, let’s get started!


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