Two Years of Marriage – You, Me, & God


Two years ago at this time, Erick and I were sitting on plane to Belize. We were flying through the clouds with our head in the clouds, and had so much love and joy in our hearts from celebrating our wedding two days before, February 28, 2015… and to this day we haven’t come down.

Marriage is such a sacred, special bond between two people, and I am beyond grateful to share this bond with Erick. Following God’s plan seems easier with him by my side.

Although I’ve shared several photos from our wedding day (you can see more here), I haven’t explained why I chose certain photos out of hundreds to show everyone. The particular photo below is close to my heart because whenever I look at it, I can feel the love from that day. We are surrounded and supported by our closest family and friends, with our love and God at the center. It captures so perfectly not only our marriage, but the sacrament of marriage. The light shining down on us reminds me that our union not only joined two people, but three – myself, Erick and God.  For this wonderful blessing, He is forever worthy of my praise.

Yanta -193


Some things have changed over the past few years,  but our love for each other remains constant. Through surgery, building a home, and work, we still find time to celebrate love and celebrate one another. This is one thing we have both come to learn. Life moves quickly. If you think there is no time, you have to MAKE time. You have to make time for what is important, and always keep God as your anchor. Spend that extra hour watching your favorite TV show together, or put aside folding the laundry to really ask about each other’s day.  Pray together before meals and again before bed. Buy supper on the way home as a nice break and surprise.  Tiny  gestures and moments like these add up to BIG positive changes in a relationship. Work will always be there, but the time we share with one another may not.  Life and love is a gift. Remember to always cherish it and be grateful.

Happy Anniversary, Erick. Thank you for loving me. I will forever and always love you.


Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary



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