Meet the Newest Member of the Yanta Family


Meet, Truffles.

Truffles was found hiding underneath my brother’s car on a VERY cold day in January. She found us at the right time because on this particular day,  it was going to be below freezing at night and we just couldn’t leave her outside.

Super sweet and extra cuddly, when we first found truffles she was about 4-5 weeks old, and weighed just over one pound. She was extremely skinny and malnourished, and after taking her to the vet, we found out she had mange. Our plan was to get her cleaned up, get her first round of shots and find her a home, but once we found out she had mange, no facility would take her until at LEAST three weeks of treatment had been completed. This meant she had to stay with us… and it meant our little heart strings were getting tugged on like crazy every time a tiny meow came out.  (Seriously how could you say NO to that face?!)


We though that if we didn’t give her a name, it would help, so when she went for her vet visits, she was just “Stray #2.” After three weeks had passed, her mange went away, and she had nearly tripled her weight, but we got more not so great news… she had a contagious virus that caused her to sneeze a lot, so STILL nowhere would take her.

A few weeks and several syringes of medicine later, we decided to try and keep Stray #2, now named Truffles because she is an oh so sweet ball of love. 🙂  I say try to keep because we first have to acclimate her with our cat, Luna, who tends to be a wee bit sassy and sensitive to change, to say the least.

Now two days in of face-to-face interactions, Luna is slowly adjusting to having a newcomer in the house.  Between you, me and all the hissing and fluffed up tails,  I think Luna will eventually enjoy the company of another feline.  🙂 They seem to enjoy chasing each other, and I like to think Truffles is helping Luna stay young… or at least getting her to he a  bit more active. Time will tell.

Kitty Cuddles and Whisker Rubs,

Anna Alyse


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