Valentine Card Making Party


Messy glue, jagged edges, and imperfect handwriting… these things make Valentine’s day cards a little more special. When you receive a handmade card, the envelope holds not only a folded piece of paper; it holds love too. To celebrate the upcoming holiday and to spend more time with the littles (that’s what I call my niece and nephews) in my family, I threw fun-filled a Valentine’s card making party.


Set-up for the party was quick and easy… and childproof! I purchased most of the tableware over a period of time from Target, and believe it or not, it is not all Valentine’s Day decor. After laying the vinyl tablecloth, I used a cake plate to hold all of the cardstock and a tiered tray for stickers, confetti, glue stick and other baubles needed to design the perfect card. In the center I had another small cake plate with meringues I had made earlier in the week, and since vanilla bean scones are the littles favorite, I made sure they were fresh out of the oven when they arrived! They even got to help me dip them in the glaze – a little added fun bonus!


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Mason jars were dressed up with colorful straws and accented with contrast color paper napkins for a little extra pop of color. I didn’t want everything to be pink and red, even though pastels are my all-time fav! I also found cute banners and paper plates and things in the dollar bins for additional flair.


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The kids played some Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess while I filled their mason jars, and when everything was set, we all grabbed a piece of card stock and got to work! Laughs were shared, as were scones, and I can still hear the kids making up their own silly “Roses are Red” poems.

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This party is definitely unconventional, but yields such great reward. Time is such a precious thing. Kids are only little once. We work 9-5. Life is busy and fast-paced. I’m not asking you to make 25 handmade cards for your child’s class, but maybe set aside 2 hours to relax and help make a card for their mom, dad, or grandma. Handmade cards capture a moment in time, especially when you get to read a child’s misspelled and jumbled words. But the thing they capture most is hearts. 🙂

Make homemade cards.  Make memories.

Sending you all Valentine’s hugs,

Anna Alyse


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