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My Endometriosis Story – Recovery & Pre/Post-Op Tips


Do people get cakes and sweet treats for being one month post-op?! Well, they should. 🙂 Today, I am treating myself  because I’ve reached this self-proclaimed milestone and am doing significantly better.

The road to where I am at now wasn’t easy… The week following surgery, which I touched on here, was the hardest – particularly the second day. The morning of the second day, I woke up and all of my pain meds had worn off. Not going to lie, I HURT. I never realized just how much you use your core abdominal muscles until THAT day. I had to get Erick to help me sit up because bending felt like my insides were being torn. Coughing was horrible and I was praying to God to please not have to sneeze! It seems silly, but sneezing and coughing causes your stomach muscle to contract, and I did not want that to happen. Give me all the anti-crunches and couch-assisted planks. No exercises for this one!

I walked (more like hobbled) to and from the bathroom and kitchen as much as I could because I knew walking would help with the recovery. Hunched and shuffling my feet along, I was sure to do this every day, and every day following,  a little more than the previous. Since my birthday was on December 15th, I was determined to be well enough to go get a hot chocolate by then! It was a good motivation.  YUMMM!


Hot Chocolate from Supper Restaurant – San Antonio, TX

There were a few hiccups along the way. I had to go to the ER once because I ate a bunch of pizza and got really dehydrated and light headed. HAHA! I couldn’t shake this dizzy feeling and it turns out the salty pizza sucked all the water right outta me! I hadn’t been eating a whole lot because of the surgery, so I guess pizza wasn’t the best choice. (It was really tasty pizza, though. I regret nothing!) Besides the IV fluids incident, one of my incisions needs extra attention because it STILL hasn’t closed all the way. The doctor had to give me an antibiotic cream because it was starting to look… questionable, not badly infected, just not quite right… so it is getting there I guess.

My recovery took a little longer than usual because in addition to  the laparoscopy, the doctor had to laser and cut out pieces of endometriosis… Basically it was longer because they found something wrong, so it went beyond just inserting a camera and being a diagnostic surgery. I’ve been slowly building up strength again working on those dreaded planks,  watching T.V. while doing the elliptical (Drop Dead Diva, anyone?), and doing plenty of walking whenever I can.

Today I have been released for all normal activities (YAY!), but am still a little cautious about lifting really heavy things. I don’t think I’d get hurt, it is just still in the back of my mind and something I need to get over. I felt bad having to depend on people to drive me around to my appointments, so I’m super happy I can drive now and return the favor to my family. 🙂 Pain hasn’t reared its ugly head **KNOCK on ALL the WOOD EVERYWHERE, MAYBE KARATE CHOP DOWN THE TREE!!!** and I’m feeling prettttyyyyy gooood.

My family (minus my brother) Photo By: Emily at Life Between Coffees

My family (minus my brother) Photo By: Emily at Life Between Coffees

For anyone else who has to go through this, my tips would be:

Pre & Post Op Tips for Laparoscopic Surgery:

-Don’t eat a whole lot the day before your surgery. You are going to be swollen and you don’t want miserable bloating on top of that!

-Wear comfy, loose fitting pants and a baggy shirt. You and your incisions will thank me post-surgery.

-Drink plenty of water before your surgery so you are hydrated going in. You don’t want to wake up with a terrible headache!

-Post-op, walk as much as possible! Walking will help work out the gas they pumped in (if not, it will rise and HURT your shoulders and chest), and get you back to your normal routine faster.

-Try to avoid sitting too much. Walk, stand, or lay because sitting puts a lot of pressure on the abdomen and can cause you to swell.

-Get everything, and do everything, you will need post-op ahead of time. Motrin, bottled water, Tylenol, Clean sheets, Extra blankets, Meal prep, frozen meals, etc.

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Have a friend bring you food or keep track of your meds. Have pets? Now’s the time to enlist someone else to feed, walk, or change litter boxes. You can return the favor when you are feeling better. Swallow your pride, folks. You’ll need and appreciate the help!

If any of you out there have been through a laparoscopic surgery or endometriosis, what helped you post-op? The more advice the better!

I wish all of you health, happiness, and if needed, a VERY speedy recovery.

Hugs Always,

Anna Alyse





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