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Yanta Country Cottage: Exterior Home Inspiration


Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved white houses! They are timeless, elegant without being too much so, and never seem to go out of style. When browsing house plans, Erick and I were both drawn to farmhouses, cottages, and Cape Cod style homes, and there are some building restrictions in our city that we have to keep in mind. Determining the exact architectural style of our future home has been a bit tricky,  so we  are both anxious to see how the architect will mesh all of our ideas together.


Our house will be one story, but since we loved white houses, a lot of searches we did found two-story colonial and farm-style homes. There will most likely be a darker gray stone exterior with white planks and a dark colored or metal roof for nice contrast. I love the stone in the picture below! Other touches such as shutters and front doors will have to be decided once we see the layout. The exterior of the home is actually the last piece of the puzzle we are touching on with the architect.




Since we are in the south, a large front porch is a must for us! Sipping sweet tea and chatting while on a rocking chair isn’t just in the movies.

There will be plenty of windows to bring in natural light, and we also plan to have a small sunroom to keep herbs and plants safe in the winter months, give  our cat a nice lounging space, and create a cozy seating area we can sip coffee (or drink herbal tea 🙂 ) in.


And let’s not forget about gardening. That HAS to be included in the exterior plans, I am right?! At least it is on my to-do list… way at the bottom… underneath the other 50,678 things we still have to do to actually build our home.


Oh yeah, and Erick would kill me if I didn’t mention this, but he is going to have his own workshop area to hide all the projects I don’t approve of. 😉

So far the design process has been pretty smooth, but the nitty gritty financing and scheduling and construction is just around the corner so we are keeping our fingers crossed! Thankfully I am married to someone who designs and builds things for a living, so that makes things a little easier… sometimes. 🙂 Wouldn’t want it any other way.


Images:  1) Southern Living 2) Southern Hospitality 3) Decor Design Review 4) Southern Living  5) This Old House




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