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A Nostalgic Day at the Park


Swinging on monkey bars until there were blisters on my hands, playing tag until I couldn’t catch my breath, and doing flips on a bar until my eyes were nearly crossed,  these are the moments that come to mind when I think of my childhood playground days. Whether at recess with my friends, or a park with my family, two things were for sure – I was going to get tired and it was going to be FUN!

Before school started, my mom and I took my niece and nephews to a park near my home and nostalgia set in. It was impossible to sit there and watch them have all the fun. I went on the swings, glided across monkey bars and ran around until my true age triumphed my inner child. I stepped back and watched them playing, laughing, and helping each other. This was the epitome of childhood and happiness.

Luckily, I brought my camera along on this particular day and snapped their playtime all the way from excited to dead tired. Ha! Nothing makes me happier than seeing them happy, and I’m glad that no matter how technology and society changes, the fun you can have outside on a playground can be shared across generations.


There Was Lava on the Ground



What Big Sisters are For



Wondering How to Stop



Go Ava Go!



Trying Hard to Spin



Now We’re Moving!



“Give me a push, Mamaw!”



Connor (left) Isn’t Sure About Hanging from the Bars



My mom watching the kiddos play on the monkey bars. <3



On your mark, get set, GO!



They didn’t have these when I was young!



And… I think they’re good and tired. 🙂


What are some of your favorite memories from playing in the park?


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