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WE’RE MOVING… Eventually!


Okay, okay… So we’re not moving YET, but Erick and I are excited to share that we have purchased some acreage that will soon have our own quaint country cottage on it. The land itself hasn’t been touched in decades and needs a lot of TLC before the time to build a house comes. We’re also trying to do as much as possible on our own  to save money and get the best feel of the land. The last few weekends we’ve been clearing and cleaning, trying to find the best place to put our future casa. The brush was so thick you couldn’t walk through it, but we are slowly making progress, and between the arched trees, I can see the faint outline of what we will soon call home. 🙂

Next to being close to our families, one of our favorite things about the property is the variety of trees and plants it has. There are HUGE live oak trees, peach trees, pecan trees and we even found a lone pine in the back when we were walking around.

Here’s a sneak peek of the space and a clearing we made… And if you look closely you’ll see Ol’ Blue Buford (our tractor and shredder).

I will keep you all updated on this exciting adventure for us. 🙂 Until then, you can follow along with the hashtags #yantacountrycottage and #yantahouseliving. #Yantacountrycottage will strictly be updates on our new property and #yantahouseliving includes our day-to-day life activities and updates on the current house we’re in… You all know decorating and remodeling never stops!

What are some tips you all have on building your first home? Land, organization, floor plans? All advice welcome! <3






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