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Stranger Things Season Two Teaser Just Dropped


If you’re like the rest of modern-day society you’ve been binge watching Netflix’s new sci-fi series Stranger Things and then feeling left with a hole in your heart when the series ends!

Well it’s time to take that alphabet off your wall and stop waiting for a sign because Netflix just released that Stranger Things Season Two is a GO and will be here in 2017! Details as to exactly when in 2017 have not been released, but I’m hoping it’s close to December 31st at midnight! 🙂


Entertainment Weekly interviewed the Duffer brothers, the creators of the series, to uncover what we can expect in season two, and here’s the scoop:

  1. 1) The brothers originally toyed with the thought of the series being an anthology, but decided there is still a story to be told in the fictional town of Hawkins, Arizona. Down the road we should be prepared for something different, though… including a possible time jump where the kids are older and it’s a different decade.
  2. 2) Season two will still have most of the main characters. (That word most is killing me! Who will be there? Who will be missing?)
  3. 3) The Duffers legitimately don’t know what to do with Eleven. HAHA!

They didn;t give us too much information, but I will keep you all posted as I find out more… and I’ll definitely be doing another post about my most-loved shows on Netflix soon.

Here’s the sneak peek from Netflix that dropped today.  What other shows do you think are binge-worthy??


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