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Fancy Mani Fast & Cheap


You know how you feel when your makeup is just perfect?! Confident? Pretty? Like you can conquer the world? Now there is makeup for your nails that can do the same thing – Nailhur!

I first found Nailhur on Instagram and could not figure out how these people had the time or money to get nails that looked like WOAH! I clicked around, found the website, and discovered that Nailhur nails are actually press (or glue) on nails that are REALLY affordable – just $13.99 per package! I’ve never been a fan of press on nails, but these were so fancy I had to give them a shot.

logo (1)
Another thing that made me want to try them – they are REUSABLE and even come with extra nails, a mini file, and nail glue. Everything you need to get a great mani right away!

To date, I have ordered 3 different types: 1) Because I couldn’t decide which I liked best and 2) because I couldn’t decide which shape would be best! They have a variety of nail sets organized by style – Glam, Posh, Vixen, Everyday Chic and Edgy – or by shape – square, stiletto, oval or squaletto. You an even shop from the instagram feed to find the exact set you’ve been creepin’ on.

So far I have been rocking the oval shape in Ghost (shown below) and have gotten a lot of compliments! I’ll be doing another post on application tips, but here are the pros and cons I’ve found overall.

201608182007852550 (1)
-They look fabulous on!
-The glue dries quickly and (from what I can see so far) and did not damage my real nails.
-You can pop them off by soaking them in water without damage to your nail.
-They are extremely affordable and a great option for an event or night out. (Halloween is around the corner! YAY!)
-They are not very thick and can be filed to fit the shape of your nail.

-If you hit your nail wrong, they will pop off. I started carrying the tiny glue bottle in my purse just in case after I opened my car door wrong and OOPS!
-Glue. Let’s be real here. Glue, shellac, paint… anything is bad on your nails if you leave it on for extended periods of time.
-If you do not file the fake nail to properly fit your real nail, it will probably pop off.

Overall I’d say the Nailhur nails are great for wearing 1-4 days at a time. I do nto think they are the best option for extended wear. The site says they last a week, but the glue does start to give out. That being said, they are perfect for a date night, the holidays, or just feeling fabulous!



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