How To Make Golden Figurine Cake Toppers

Gold figurine cake topper


My niece turned TWELVE this year. A whole dozen years she has been living on this earth! Times flies by so quickly that I really think it is important to embrace every little childhood activity while they still want to embrace it. I get sad knowing the day is soon coming when I won’t be shopping in the toy section for her anymore, but in the clothes and makeup instead. Aaaah!

To celebrate her birthday, she wanted a horse/unicorn theme – she absolutely loves the Schleich toys – so I decided to spray paint some ponies I found at Target gold to place around her cake.

I had never tried this before and see so many cute bakeries using them that I had to give it a try. I used ponies, but you can use any small plastic figurines you find. I have some dinos I’ll be using later. πŸ™‚


Making Golden Ponies:

  1. Wash and dry your figurines
  2. Set them newspaper or another area you don’t mind painting outside
  3. Lay all figurines on their side
  4. Shake spray paint and holding about 8 inches away gently mist the figurines going back and forth in a continuous motion
  5. ADMIRE THE BEAUTY… and wait a few minutes for them to dry
  6. Carefully check to see that they are dry. When they’re ready, flip all figurines over
  7. Shake the paint, and spray them again, paying close attention to the tops (ears) and bottoms (feet) to ensure all sides are covered
  9. Once dry, give them a wash in the sink and VOILA! They are ready for fun!

I was a little worried about placing the spray painted ponies on the cake we were eating, so I only put them on just before we were going to sing happy birthday. I didn’t want them to sit in the icing in case of toxicity. (Note that although they look fun, kids should not chew on, or place these in their mouths!)

The cake turned out looking fit for a princess and one lucky pony, named Midas, got to spend the day with us. Here are a few of his adventure so far. πŸ™‚ He even has his own hashtag – #adventureswithmidas – in case you want to follow along.



I’ll be posting the recipe for the deliciously adorable funfetti cookies (and maybe the cake icing??) soon. What would you all prefer?  Until then, happy painting and get your sweet tooth ready!