Anniversary Celebration in San Antonio


Nearly 3 months ago, which sounds way better than saying a quarter of a YEAR, my husband, Erick, and I celebrated our one year anniversary.  We had a hotel-hopping staycation and stayed at the Hotel Havana the first night (which is where we spent our wedding night) and Hotel Emma the second night. You can catch all the details and pretty photos for Hotel Havana and Hotel  Emma in my previous posts, but the reason for this one is that I finally got all our our little video clips put together. YAY!

I love that today’s technology allows you to relive a moment over and over again. Just hearing Erick’s laugh brightens my day like nothing else. And since I recently got my schmancy new camera, why not record some of our precious moments?! Yes, I know I am novice, so please ignore the shakiness and/or fuzziness until I get more practice. Tips, tricks and advice are ALWAYS welcome. <3

Enjoy and have fun making your own lifelong memories. XOXO