3 Tips to Make Furniture Shopping Easy

furniture shopping



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Calm down. You will find it. This is what I was repeatedly telling myself as I walked in and out of several furniture stores trying to find the right pieces to fit my small-space living area. Over-stuffed or over-sized, I couldn’t  find anything that wouldn’t take up our entire room… And fit both me and my husband’s style.  As the days past, I started to focus more on the space I had and creating an action plan on finding the perfect pieces. I would be victorious. I would conquer couches and defeat dressers.

Here are my foolproof tips to help you find pieces that will work with your space easily.

1. Determine the Focal Point – The first thing you have to ask yourself when choosing furniture for a living area is what do you want the focal point of the room to be. Maybe you have an accent wall or a fireplace you want to highlight. Maybe you have beautiful windows.  If you don’t have a fireplace or an outstanding view, don’t worry. Most of us don’t. (Womp, womp.)  However, the way you position your sofa and chairs can change the feel of the room. If your sofa is directly in front of your TV, I know you like to watch movies or even sports. If your sofa is perpendicular to the space with sides tables and chairs, you want to encourage conversation. Keep the focus in mind when choosing and arranging your pieces!

2. Measure TWICE and write it down! Once a focal point is established, the next step is measuring, measuring measuring! Measure potential furniture pieces, measure the width of the TV, measure the walls, measure the width of your walkway (you want to make sure the furniture doesn’t impede the space), and then write it all down in a notebook and take it with you everywhere! Or at least take a pic of it on your phone so you have it handy. (Seriously, there were times when I would see something I liked and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because I couldn’t remember if it would fit on my wall. ) Guard this notebook at all cost because this will be your new Design Bible and the Gods will be angry if you spill coffee on it or lose it. Besides, there is nothing worse than bringing a piece home, only to find out that it doesn’t fit. HASSLES GALORE! Being able to look at the dimensions of a piece in the store and immediately “X” it made shopping so much easier for me and saved me so much time.

3. Tape it Off, Tape it Off, Ooh Ooh – Sorry, guys. By now you should know I’m a T-swift fan. But back to decor… Painter’s tape will be your knight in shining armour when it comes to furniture placement. After measuring, tape off the dimensions of your piece on the floor this way you can physically see how much space it will take up. DO NOT guesstimate or eyeball the size. Oftentimes, when you get multiple pieces at one time, you size them individually, so you don’t always consider how much room they’ll take up collectively. Corners may touch, your hallway may be blocked, or your space could end up feeling cluttered. The tape is also a good guide of where things need to go when the delivery guys come. **Points** Put it over there, please!


Our Living Room at Christmas

With any home, there are always going to be a few key “trouble” areas you have to keep in mind when shopping. Mine is the tight space and window on one wall.My brother has an extended fireplace that jutted into the space. No matter what it is, these steps will help make decorating, or redecorating, your home a cinch!

Happy furniture hunting, guys! Now that the anchor pieces are in place, keep an eye out on learning how to make your space your own soon! 🙂