Anniversary Staycation in San Antonio – Hotel Havana



On February 28th, Erick and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. During the weeks leading up to it, neither Erick or I knew what to get each other as gifts. Every time we would ask, we just got an, “I don’t know.” After thinking for a while, I figured it might be a good idea to do something together. Erick agreed and we decided to do a staycation in San Antonio, Texas and to stay one night at the same hotel we stayed at our our wedding night – The Hotel Havana, and one night a the new Hotel Emma in The Pearl.



Hotel Havana was a given for us! It is sentimental, and very close to our hearts, so staying here was perfect to celebrate one year of marriage. When we arrived at our room, we were both flooded with emotions and memories from one year ago. From picking nearly one hundred bobby pins out of my hair in the master bathroom, to stuffing our faces with the most delicious grilled banana bread while sitting on the couch, we were glad to find that the room and all of our wonderful memories were still there and still the same.




Though smaller than your typical hotel since it is boutique-style, what it lacks in number of rooms it makes up for in style! With a TON of Cuban flair, you will find the rooms here filled with an eclectic mix of rustic iron and wooden pieces and touches of lush velvet. One thing that is definitely not missing? COLOR. In the sofas, on the railings and even on the vintage-inspired Smeg refrigerators, the rooms at Hotel Havana are sure to fill you with joy when you open the door. There is charm around every corner, but my favorite thing probably has to be the fact that our room was two stories! How unique! Or… maybe it is this master bathroom. I’m not sure.  It is a really close call!



As far as hospitality and food, the receptionist was very accommodating and their adjoining restaurant, Ocho (see photos here,) always creates tasty Latin fare in a hurry that you can have brought to your room, or eat at the restaurant. If you aren’t too hungry, rooms come stocked with a mix of local Texas treats and snacks from Mexico. Mexican tequila in ceramic Dia de Los Muertos skulls, wines, and juices fill the fridge, while homemade fudges and imported chips and salsa await you on a tray on the dresser.


For those wanting  a night out on the town, this hotel is on the Riverwalk and also within walking distance of the Tobin Center. These are definite PLUSES. The only downside I would say it that the parking lot is very tight and small and since it is a boutique hotel, you won’t find a large gift shop, spa, and other amenities like that. Our room also had a shared balcony which wasn’t nice considering the table and chairs were in front of our windows. (Yes, Erick and I were eavesdropping on your crazy conversations!)  It does have parking though, which is saying  a lot for downtown San Antonio!

A money saving tip – Book your room early! You will save a lot of money on your stay if you book more than a month in advance. There are also other ways to save money on their website and they have all kinds of add-ons to customize your stay… Like our fancy champagne we ordered to have brought to our room to celebrate. 🙂 YAY!



If you’re looking for somewhere with a cool vibe and FANTASTIC atmosphere, this place is it. The Hotel Havana can be fun, romantic, whatever you want, making it a true gem in the downtown San Antonio area. Thank you, Hotel Havana, for giving my husband and I such blessed, beautiful and vibrant memories!

If you have any questions about this hotel, or would like to offer suggestions of where Erick and I should check out next, feel free to share! I’d love to hear from you! <3