Adventures in Belize


Last year at this time, I was giddy with excitement for my upcoming wedding and to travel to BELIZE! It was going to be my first time out of country, and after all the internet searching, pinteresting, and photo gazing I did, I was ready to see it in person!


Us on the Plane to Belize

Today, just three days from our one year anniversary, I have finally compiled all of the videos from our honeymoon into one fun clip. I did it as a surprise for Erick, and although I am no video, or audio, editing expert, I am happy with how it turned out… ย And I’m proud that it only took me 4 months finding and taking videos off of our phones, cameras, and GoPros, and one time getting the video taken off of YouTube because of copyrighted audio to do it. Ha! ย I originally wanted this to the song How Deep is Your Love, but the Happy Ukulele tune works nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure, I highly recommend the beautiful country of Belize. You can get a closer look into where we stayed and what we did here.

Make every day an adventure! <3