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Wonderful Marriage Advice From My Aunt


Marriage Advice

There are just a few days left until Erick and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary (2-28-15, YAY!) and instead of getting gifts for each other, we opted to get out of our house and spend some time together with a STAYCATION here in San Antonio.

The days go by so quickly that taking some time off work to reconnect and step back from it all seemed like a good idea. One year has flown by, and over the last few days I’ve been digging out old wedding and engagement cards and reading them to remember every last detail of our special day. I know in time I will forget things, but I don’t want to! And when Erick and I are 80 and the forgetful day comes, I am so glad we have so many photos and videos to bring us right back to the moment. 🙂

One card I ran into really hit home for me, and it was from my Aunt Jennifer.  She wrote,

“Life is amazing and I hope you take a step back and enjoy this time. Do little things for yourself and for each other. You are important!”

Reading this brought on a flood of emotions. I really missed my aunt, especially reading her sign-off of “See you soon.” I was sad, but at the same time, I knew me and Erick’s staycation was fitting for the advice she gave, and also fitting for so many other busy couples.

To keep love in a relationship, you have to first love yourself. You have to believe that you are worthy of love, and this is where doing little things for yourself counts.  If you feel best when your hair is freshly trimmed, or your nails done, then do it every once in a while! These small acts can do a lot in boosting your confidence and self-esteem… and self-love. Life moves quickly and it is easy to start to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like you will never be able to catch up!  For yourself and each other, hit the pause button and remember what brought the two of you together.

That being said, small gestures can go a really long way! Packing his favorite cookies in his lunch bag for a nice surprise, or even just leaving a sticky note on the door are simple things you can do to let your significant other know you care.

Whether you have been married one year, 20 years, are still dating, or just looking to get back in touch with your family, this advice from my aunt fit every situation I could think of. If your life starts to feel crazy, remember you have each other, and remember the advice from my aunt. <3