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Sunday Morning Traditions

family traditions

family traditions

My husband and I were both raised catholic and because we wanted to get married in the catholic church, this meant we had to undergo several counseling sessions with a priest, along with a traditional Christian weekend marriage prep classes. Although it was  sometimes difficult to bring ourselves to drive to see the priest at night after  along day of work, it was worth it in the end, and something I have grown to treasure over the past (nearly) six months of being married.

At one of our first meetings, Father asked about the church each of us attended, and although Erick would go on a somewhat regular basis, I hadn’t been in years. 🙁 I felt ashamed to say it, but no one is perfect and I did NOT want to lie to a priest.  I had received the sacraments I was supposed to (Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation), but after that I fell of the church map.

sunday 2

A few more sessions passed, covering the basics of faith, what marriage is, and future plans, but before we were wed, it was strongly encouraged that we each do a face-to-face confession with the priest. I was really nervous, but in the end, I ended up speaking  to the priest for a while. He knew 7 or so different languages, had traveled all over, and was interested in engineering like my husband.  The bottom line being that he made me feel really comfortable and like he wasn’t judging me at all. Before I left his office to head home for the night, he asked that I do him one favor: After we are married, I start attending a church more regularly.

I agreed and felt good inside. The shamefulness I felt before had been restored with love and faith.

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Today, my husband and I still miss a mass every now and then, but we really strive to help each other keep going. There are some mornings it is hard to get out of bed – not going to lie  – but I feel so much better after going to church. Renewed. Refreshed. Ready for the week ahead.

As I mentioned before, I was raised Catholic and one of the traditions my family had was going to Sunday morning mass and all going to eat tacos after. I thought about that today as my husband and I sat and ate breakfast at one of our favorite quaint and eclectic eateries- Ocho.

sunday 4

When I was young, I was more excited for my bean and cheese and chicken fajita than sitting through a sermon. I didn’t see the importance of it all.

This is not a plea to get you to go to church by any means, but I do ask that you start or keep a tradition that your family had. Erick and I enjoy attending mass together and firmly believe that it is making our marriage stronger. We discuss the sermons, pray together, and yes, even have a list of what our next Sunday breakfast or brunch spot will be. 🙂 Yummy!

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Traditions weave emotions deep into the core of your being. You get to decide if they are uplifting ones, and can share your experiences with others. Whether it is attending mass or eating breakfast together, or both, remember – traditions have the power to create a positive family culture. They are something to look forward to, reminisce on and continue for generations.

How will you spend your Sunday mornings?

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