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Sneaking Duck: Cool Glasses at Affordable Prices


I’ve had my fair share of glasses mishaps growing up,  including:

1) Lenses being on the incorrect eyes

2) Anti-glare coating bubbling over

3) Not having glasses ready at time of pick up

4) Finding the perfect pair only to learn I have champagne taste on a beer budget 🙁

Thankfully, I recently found an eye wear store that has solved 11 years worth of my spectacle woe.

Enter, Sneaking DUCK! 

retro glasses

Based in Australia, Sneaking Duck provides chic, prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses  for men and women without any of the hassle, and at a fraction of the cost. I will admit, I was a bit worried purchasing glasses online, but my experience with them has been better than any other eyeglass shop, or online retailer for that mater, that I have seen stateside.


You may be thinking – How will you know if the glasses look good on you if you order them online? The Duck’s call to this is a no obligation, free delivery, try at home service. You can pick out 5 frames that tickle your fancy and they’ll be sent straight to your door where you can rock them for a few days, taking awesome selfies and making all your friends jelly. When you decided what you want, simply send the frames back and place your order. Finito!

retro glasses

Another option, which is the route I took, is the virtual try-on. On the Sneaking Duck website, you can upload your photo and virtually try on the glasses. I’ve had experience with some virtual try-on technology in the past, but this one was pretty accurate.  I had no problem seeing which frames would be too narrow for my face, site weird on my nose or just scream NERD ALERT. It’s that easy.

Not a sweet enough deal? How about you purchase one frame at full price and you get others in your order, including prescription sunglasses,  for $90 off!!!

prescription sunglasses

I ended up buying 4 pairs of glasses and lenses  for just around $330, and holy cow! I need more eyes for all these new fabulous glasses!


When ordering your glasses, you have the option to email your prescription in the one of the store associates, or simply type in the information yourself. If there is something you don’t know – For instance, I didn’t know my pupillary distance – Sneaking Duck has videos on YouTube that show you exactly what to do to ensure your prescription is perf.

Oh… And did I mention that prescriptions up to +/-2  to  +/-4 come with standard lenses that include thin, polycarbonate lenses. They’re lightweight. They’re durable. They’re definitely not your grandma’s coke bottles.

Bonus? Yes, please! They come with heavy-duty cases and cleaning cloths at no extra cost. **Drooling over keyboard**

One thing I would like to bring attention to,  is that you should be prepared to get your new frames fitted. 2 of my pairs were a little big, so I will be taking them to a local optician soon to get them adjusted. Also, I had to pay via Pay Pal to convert the Australian dollar to the U.S. dollar. (The price will look higher than it actually is until you convert it.)  Just keep note of theses things if you choose to fly with the duck!


Once the duck has landed and your new glasses arrive, they will be in the absolute CUTEST packaging EVER. I even took a picture of it on my phone, but I’m not sharing it on here because some things are just better as a surprise. 🙂 Trust me. You will feel the Sneaking Duck love from all around.

After that, it is up to you to rock your new sunglasses with the confidence of 80 high school quarterbacks. NO SHAME.

Here are some of the selfies I took, along with the frames I purchased. (I apologize for the bad lighting. These were taken on my phone.) Where do you get your glasses. I’d love to know!

My New Glasses

Cool Glasses

 1. WATT 

vintage style glasses

vintage style glasses

2. Red Ones

cool glasses

cool glasses

3. Wonkavators

eye glasses

cool glasses


vintage style glasses

vintage style glasses