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Where to Find the Best Greeting Cards


There is something about getting a card in the mail that makes my heart pitter patter. <3

The mystery of not knowing what’s inside, the loveliness of authentic handwriting, and that warm, fuzzy feeling you get while holding it and reading is something that cannot be achieved through a back-lit computer screen.

Whether you know someone who has a birthday coming up, or want to send the most fantastic just-because card, these are my favorite spots to snag cards that will create a huge smile and definitely not end up in the trashcan.


Studio Ink is a collection you can find  in Hallmark stores or through the Hallmark website that is created by artists who speak just how you do. Looking to drop a line to that friend you used to be super close with? Send them a “Go to Hell” card with a cute fluffy kitten on the front because WHY NOT?!

These cards are meant to be sent to people who know you, and they have the perfect amount of whimsy and rudeness to make them both sweet and funny. How could you not love a card company who made an “I tolerate you” gold foil Valentine’s Day Card?!


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The genius behind these prints is an illustrator named Kacey Schwartz. Bursting with rich colors and clever sentiments, these cards are something I cannot stop staring at! She hand-draws her work paying close attention to detail, and makes inanimate objects, like watermelons, look absolutely adorable! The imagination  alone put into these designs makes them keepers and are sure to be loved and enjoyed by all ages!

Bonus! You can get her gorgeous I <3 U cards in a set of three to continue spreading love throughout the year. Wouldn’t you love to find a sweet love note hidden away for you?







Kitschy design meets sassy text with Just Wink. As if the outsides of the cards weren’t cool enough, most of their cards are also bright and colorful on the inside with a contrasting color. Thought the inside of this blue card was gonna be white? Hell no. BRIGHT YELLOW because this is a greeting that screams!

Another cool thing about them? On their website you can buy packs of cards that have a similar theme and stash them at your house. (If you’re anything like me, you’re always stopping at a Wal-Mart minutes before the party because you forgot the card!)







The name may give away some of the thought process behind these boozey themed gems, but don’t let it fool you. These are not your typical “Beer me. It’s my Birthday!” cards.

This designer takes the grace and charm of watercolor and calligraphy and somehow makes it look UH-MAZING with things like a bottle of Jack! Who knew?!

Not all her cards are liquor- spirited, though. (See what I did there?! 🙂 ) Some will make you relive the 90’s with quaint nostalgia. (If you didn’t love Bill Nye the Science Guy, you  should probably stop reading now because we aren’t friends. That guy even inspired me o get a microscope for Christmas! )

Affordably priced and truly one-of-a-kind, these cards will definitely be snapped and uploaded onto Instagram, passed around the room and probably even framed and hung on the wall. They’re that great.







Where do you get your greeting cards? What is your favorite way to spread some happiness?!