My New Favorite Eyeliner & Mascara


Holy bajeezus, guys! I just discovered a new eyeliner and mascara that are GAME CHANGERS.

I’ve always been a fan of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara (which is now available in brown and blue), and decided to give their new Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara a try. When I bought it from Sephora, one of their beaut experts said he hadn’t tried it before, but heard that you didn’t even have to curl your eyelashes with it. No eyelash curling…? What kind of magic is this?!

I tried it the next evening for date night and WOWZAS. Despite the Sephora worker’s claim, I went ahead and curled my lashes anyway because I am Anna Alyse and when it comes to lashes, more is more. 🙂 Even my teeny tiny bottom lashes were on point!


This mascara definitely holds up to its name. It seperates and lifts beautifully, and as you wiggle the wand from bottom to top, it glides on easily like a roller. It is highly pigmented (I think black is the only color it comes in right now) and it has a subtle sheen to catch the light, but does not look shiny and fake. I will be buying more of this! Maybe even buying stock in this…


The Tarteist Clay Paint Liner I tried would probably make Cleopatra herself pretty jelly! Placed in a squeezy tube with a flat “mixing” spout, this eyeliner came equipped with its own angled brush that I love! Its shape allows you to dab on the perfect wing and it is fine enough so you actually don’t look like Cleopatra… Unless you want to, in which case this is the right eyeliner for you, too!


The “mixing” spout allows you to control how much eyeliner you use and also gets the eyeliner saturated into the brush for less skips and color fading when you apply it. I also think it is great for cleanliness because you aren’t putting a dirty brush back into a pot like a lot of the others. (I wear clear, daily contacts, so I have to be careful!) clay3

The black is very black and it dries matte. Since you can control the amount you use, it is somewhat buildable. On date night I did my liner bold and thin and in day time, I did it a  little softer. They both looked and lasted great. There were no smudges or smears until I washed it off at the end of the day. Only big, ready to bat lashes!

Have you tried either of these products? What are some of your favorite eyeliners and mascaras?

Have fun getting GLAMOROUS! XOXO