My Must Have Wedding Photo Guide

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There are numerous details that go into planning a wedding. Most of you have probably been along the ride for a friend or family member, but it doesn’t really sink in how many many things you have to coordinate and remember until it is your time to shine. Beyond dress fittings and cake tastings (My personal fav!), you have to pick linen colors, make timelines and song lists, and so much more! It is easy to forget one of the most important aspects – photos!

The photos from your wedding day will be one of your most prized possessions. Every time I look at mine it takes me back to the exact moment and a flood of memories comes rushing back. So much love. So much happiness.

So how do you ensure you get the the photos you want on your big day? You create a must have photo list for your photographer and discuss it to ensure he/she knows exactly what you want.

For clarity,  I categorized my list into 5 sections: Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Post-Ceremony, Reception and Detail Shots. You may be thinking, “Do I really need to list out that I want a picture of the bouquet toss?” My answer to that is YES. You do not get a redo of this day and you want to be as clear as possible. Some wedding photographers will bring a 2nd photographer along on the day of to ensure sufficient coverage, but if you only have one, you definitely need to make sure they know where to be.

Here is a list of basic shots every bride and groom should have in their collection.  I had special things at my ceremony, like an ornate ring box,  that I wanted pictures of, so this got added in the list I sent over to my photographer.

If you would like this list, let me know! I can send you an editable file so you can add in your  personal touches without starting from scratch.

must have wedding photos

Monica Reynolds with Monica Roberts Photography captured my special day beautifully! I am beyond happy with the results. 

You would never know from the photos that it was freezing and raining on our wedding day!

Here is how Monica snapped some of my must haves.


Bride Getting Makeup Done

Yanta -89
Yanta -90

Buttoning Wedding Dress

Yanta -118

Yanta -123

First Look with Dad

first look

CEREMONY & Post CeremoNY

Groom’s Reaction to Seeing Me

Yanta -175

Long shot in churchYanta -192

Forehead KissYanta -340


First Dance

Yanta -576
Yanta 1-21

Cutting Cake

Yanta -703

Yanta -709

Confetti Exit



Three Generations of Wedding Bands

Yanta -724

Wedding BandsYanta -750


Yanta -107

Chairs with Signs

Yanta -363

Happy wedding planning to all the brides-to-be and those helping along the way! The extra work and effort will definitely be worth it.

Photographer Information

PHOTOGRAPHER: Monica Reynolds with Monica Roberts Photography