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10 Chic Sunglasses Under $10


This one is for all the ballers on a budget! Back when I was in high school I made a promise to myself that I would never buy expensive sunglasses, no matter how cute they were, because they always ended up breaking. I’d drop them and the lenses would scratch. They’d slowly sink to the bottom of an abyss, AKA river, while tubing.  Or, once I even accidentally left them in the front seat of my car and sat on them. BUMMER.

Good news is that there are several places you can find super cute, chic shades without breaking the bank. You’ll look good, feel good, and won’t cry when they go missing after that boozy BBQ you went to.

Here are 10 sunglasses that follow today’s trends – cat-eye, round, translucent, and metal-accented – that are all UNDER $10!

1. Classic Black Cat-Eye – $9.95hm 7.95

 2. ROUND SPECKLED SHADES – $9.00charming - $9

3. Sunny Valentine Shades – $9.99

modcloth 9.99

4. Mirrored Round Sunglasses – $5.90

mirrored round

5.  Tortoise Shell Shades  – $5.90


6.  Surf Rider Wayfarers – $9.00

sunkiseed surf



8. Square Frame Sunnies – $5.00

square 5

9.  FANCY ARM CAT-EYE – $10.00

fancy arm

10. Sundae Sunnies –  $7.99

modcloth 7.99

How adorable are the white shades with cupcakes and sundaes on top?!  I scream, you scream, these shades scream for… Well, you get it. 😉