Cool & Classy Summer Outfits


I went shopping for a few summer pieces  the other day and came home empty-handed. As I  trotted back to my car with my head down in disappointment, I realized so many stores I typically shopped at just weren’t appealing to me anymore.

A few sheer tops in my closet are alright, but I felt like that’s all I could find! I live in TEXAS. I do not want to wear a cami under everything…  and unless I’m on a beach or staying at home, I’m not wearing just a bandeau like the risque mannequin who obviously doesn’t eat chorizo or tortillas.

Finding shorts were another thing entirely. It seemed like the new high-waisted trend didn’t actually conceal your body or add more fabric to anything. Designers must have moved the material that once covered your butt upwards.  If it is possible, I’m pretty sure the shorts I tried on had a negative inseam.  And I LOVE vintage looks… Why. Is. This. Happening?!

It wasn’t just the clothes or stores, though. Being 26 years old, I was looking for pieces that had a little more polish.  I feel like my style is in-between the fun juniors sections and sometimes frumpy women’s clothing. It is changing and I found it really difficult to find cute, cool (as in temperature) summer outfits to go out and about in that weren’t boring or too trendy.

After getting back home and sorting through my closet and head of what I needed and was looking for, here are my style cues for  casual, put-together summer outfits that have charisma and class.

Backyard BBQ

At a backyard BBQ the last thing you want to be is constricted, too hot and generally uncomfortable. You need to look cute and feel great even after you sneak that third helping of potato salad. No judging.

For this, I love open-back tops paired and fun, printed shorts. If you’re not OK with the whole open back thing, try a light, gauzy top with a boho theme. Either option will keep the heat away and keep you looking stylish.  Here are a few pieces to get you inspired.


1) Floral Tank Top | 2) Striped Sailor Shorts  | 3) Vino Sandals  | 4) Crossbody Bag  | 5) Babydoll Top  | 6) Straw Hat | 7) ScallopBack Top | 8) Tribal Print Shorts | 9) Suede Booties | 10) White Shortalls  | 11) Strappy Sandals | 12) Cross Front Blouse

 Date Night

What you wear on a date should make you feel confident and sexy. You can highlight your legs in a sequins mini or show a little skin with an alluring off-the-shoulder blouse or halter dress.  A tad bit of sparkle never hurts either. Depending on what you’re trying to accentuate and disguise, and where your date is at, here are a few of my favorite options.

date night 3

1) Ear Jacket |  2) Hi-Lo Dress  | 3) Pink Dress  | 4) Romper  | 5) Sequins Mini  | 6) Cape Dress | 7)  Wedges

While you’re looking for your perfect summer outfit, keep in mind that there are no rules! Fashion is fun because you can mix and match, and you can do the same with the pieces above. Romper with a floppy straw hat and sandals to the beach, anyone?

Don’t forget about the 4th of July specials going on right now, too! 🙂 SERIOUS BONUS.

Where are your favorite places to shop? I’d love to know.

Happy hunting!