Our Brunch Wedding Reception

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Ever since getting back from our honeymoon from Belize in March (details coming soon!) I’ve been SO excited to share our brunch  wedding reception. For those who know Erick and I, we’ve already shared a lot of the photos on our Facebook pages, but we waited to share menus and food shots until now. Warning – this post WILL make you hungry!

When we first announced we wanted to have an early wedding, we caught A LOT of flack. Family members and friends would ask if we were going to have a dance, would people even show up that early (mind you, our reception began at 11:30am and the ceremony at 10:00am – Seriously?! That isn’t early by my standards), and then if we were just going to have breakfast food. It was really disheartening!

Erick and I stuck with what WE wanted and tuned out the noise. Besides, a wedding is about two people showing their forever love to one another, and not just  a party. Some people lose sight of this important fact in the planning. If you’re planning a wedding, stick to your guns! It’s your day!

Why Brunch?

Why did we choose to have an early ceremony with a brunch wedding reception? While planning, Erick and  I didn’t have an exact plan or idea in mind, but we knew the atmosphere. We wanted our celebration to be laid back, nothing too formal or stuffy. And most of all, we wanted everyone to have tons of fun!

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Head Table

Brunch felt like the only meal of the day that did just that. We often did morning dates and we loved them because you don’t have to wait the whole day for something exciting, and it was just a more relaxed, go ahead and sip on your mimosa and take as much time as you’d like kind of vibe.

Brunch also gave great options for interactive food stations, it was different than the norm making in inherently intriguing, and it ended early enough to where Erick and I still had time to ourselves in the evening and us or our guest wouldn’t be dead tired.

Our Venue

We chose a venue that had great natural light – it even had a skylight – with so much history and rustic charm! Before becoming an event venue, the space was used as a pickle factory. Many of the original gears and lifts were still intact, as were the gorgeous hardwood floors.

Brunch Wedding Reception

Our Brunch Reception

Our Decor

The colors for our big day were pastels and gold. We got married on February 28, 2015, which is on the cusp of spring, so we wanted to have our colors complement that. Why pick just one color when you can have several?

Round and rectangular tables were used throughout the space with crisp white floor-length linens to keep the look bright and airy. Our head table was an old reclaimed wood table that we opted to just run lace down the center of to stand out a little more.

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Teacup and Rose Cloche

Having exposed beams meant we got to hang 10 of our favorite love quotes and a large “Anna & Erick” sign from the rafters. ( I was an English major after all. 🙂 ) Each sign was a different pastel shade, but still incorporated floral and gold elements.  It looked so regal and reminded me of walking into a castle with banners hanging. It also added a lot of color to the space. An example of one of he signs is below.


Floral arrangements were low to keep the laid back vibe, but consisted of a mix of gold vases, teacups filled with roses and covered in cloches for a whimsical touch, and several single bud vases. Candle holders were translucent glass and in various pastel shades. A vintage lounge area was also near the bar to encourage people to mingle and relax.

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Vintage Lounge Area

Cocktail Hour

While the wedding party was taking photos, our guests got to start celebrating with an array of liqueur-infused coffees, cocktails and other tasty nibbles. Our drink menu had a great variety of brunch-themed and brunch appropriate drinks to choose from. This method (what I learned was called a limited open bar) actually saved us some money and got our friends and family sipping on new drinks and talking about what to drink next.

We received so many compliments on the drinks!!! They were so tasty! My husband even recently made a comment that he wished we could go back in time and freeze the moment so we could try everything!


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Brunch Bar

The Food

One of my favorite parts about planning our brunch reception was the tasting and planning for our menu! Brunch offered INCREDIBLE tasty possibilities, which was definitely evident on our big day. With so many food options, we had stations were guests could grab whatever they were hungry for and go to the next. This also cut back on standing in line.

One station was the carving station. Erick’s favorite food is pulled pork, so we of course HAD to have this on our wedding day. To tie it in, we had it served (or not served, however you  like because we had a buffet!) on buttermilk biscuits instead of regular rolls. YUMMY! We also had carved-to-order Roasted Beef Tenderloin with au jus sauce and all the fixings.

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Buttermilk Biscuits

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Pulled Pork

Next, we had the waffle bar were guests got to choose there toppings (including ice cream, of course)  and even freshly made bananas foster! The chefs working their magic and flames going up in the air was really entertaining.

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Bananas Foster

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Waffle Toppings

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More Waffle Toppings

Finally, there were the sides. One of my favorite side dishes was scalloped potatoes loaded with cheese and…. BACON! Be right back, everyone…. I think I’m drooling!!!

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Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon

Here is our delicious menu in it’s entirety.


The Cakes

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Dessert Area

The wedding cake was a classic vanilla with a amaretto frosting and pecan filling. The groom’s cake was chocolate with a chocolate filling and sea salted caramel frosting. Seriously, I’m not sure if our 1-year anniversary top tier is going to make it to 2016. I see it every time I open the freezer and am reminded of its sweetness.  Tip: We held our cakes ransom and did not serve them right after eating. Too many people disappear this way!  Our cake cutting was not until 2:30pm, which got a lot of people to stick around for the exit.

You’re probably wondering how we fed 150 people with only a two-tier cake. Here’s a money-saving tip. Have your catering staff stash a sheet cake in the same flavor in the back to cut into when it is time to serve guest.

Yanta -703

Cutting the Cake

Other tasty treats included pecan bars, mini cupcakes in my favorite flavor –  ELVIS, and homemade Apple Pie Moonshine which doubled as favors for our guests. And now I really, really want an Elvis cupcake… Banana cake with chocolate chips and peanut butter frosting.

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Elvis Cupcakes

Yanta -356

More Elvis Cupcakes

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Pecan Bars

Yanta -357

Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine

In the few days following our wedding, we received several compliments on our reception, with some guests saying it was he funnest and best wedding they’ve ever been to! It made both of us so happy to hear this, because that is all we wanted from day one of planning!


Confetti Exit

To close, I wanted to share a few more pictures from our special day. I cannot thank my family and wonderful vendors enough for making our day PERFECT! I love you all!

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Ceremony Dress

Yanta -65

Pre-Ceremony Getting Ready

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Walking Down the Aisle with Mom & Dad

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Three Generations of Wedding Bands

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Sister Doing a Surprise Rap Toast

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Men in the Wedding Party

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Wedding Dresses (Ceremony & Reception): Mori Lee
Floral Design: H-E-B Blooms
Hair/Make-Up:  Vanity Eiland
Suits & Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Ceremony: St. Jerome Catholic Church
Reception: ZaZa Gardens
CateringBlack Tie Affair Catering

Vintage Rentals: Revive Vintage Rentals

Graphic Design (Menus & Signs): Blurs by AI

Wooden Banners: Paese Perla

Wedding Cake & Desserts: Bird Bakery
Ceremony Pianist: Ethan Schneider 
DJ: Sean Alan – ATX DJ
Photography: Monica Roberts Photography

Coordination: Country Sugar Events -Natalie Hart

Videography: Aria Productions