I Threw Away My Xmas Gift

Betsey Johnson Earrings

Tissue paper was flying and I could only see bits and pieces of our tile floor between the mess. This was Christmas morning.

As I opened my gifts, the bags and wrapping paper started to form a radius around my chair – highly concentrated in the center and slowly fading out until there was more floor, – but I kept my mind on one gift in particular – a beautifully colored Betsey Johnson necklace.

My mom spotted it while shopping and after visiting a few more stores deciding if I wanted it or not, we ended back up at the jewelry counter. A gold chain adorned with sparkling hearts and gems of all colors cast a reflection on my face as I stared at it.

“Yes, I’m sure I want it,” I told my Mom.

Betsey Johnson Necklace

Pulling apart the two flaps of a Santa bag, I spotted the Macy’s bag inside. I unraveled the plastic and was delighted to see the Candyland necklace inside. “I left the receipt in the bag in case you need to return anything,” my mom said.

After hugs and thank yous were exchanged, and the gift wrap war zone cleaned up and thrown away, I took my gifts to my room to admire them. The receipt was about to fall out, so I picked it up and glanced at it. There were two Betsey Johnson items on it.

I ran back to the kitchen sink where my mom was and chimed, ” Hey, Mom! That guy at Macy’s charged you twice. Look!” I pointed at the two items, but my Mom brushed it off and went back to washing dishes to use for our Christmas lunch.

From there I decided to see if the necklace I loved so much had matching earrings. I did, after all, receive a Macy’s gift card, too.  Sitting in the office, I called to my mom to look at a few pairs I had found.

“Look at these studs, Mom. They have a whole set on here!”

“Yeah, they’re cute,” she replied.

Free time was up after a while and it was time to get ready and help with cooking. My sister, her family, and her mother-in-law arrived early before I even had my bluejeans on. My aunt was there too. My jeans were still in the dryer and I didn’t want to wear another pair. Guests would just have to deal with red shorts until then.

My aunt complimented my necklace and my Mom chimed in, “Did you get the earrings?”

“What earrings?!” I had a confused look on my face.

“I bought you the matching earrings when we went shopping, don’t you remember? They were in the Macy’s bag.” Mom was starting to sound concerned now.

“Oh my gosh. I thought you put those back! I think I threw them away!”

My eyes widened. I felt horrible for sitting in the office showing my mom other earrings when she had bought me a pair. How rude, selfish, and greedy must I have seemed! And the receipt! That’s why Betsey Johnson was on their twice!

“I can help you look for them,” my aunt offered.

“No, Mom. I can go.” My cousin, Emily, had arrived and it was getting closer to lunch time now.

We walked up the road towards my brother’s garbage cans. The holiday mess had filled ours so my dad started putting bags in his.

“I’m pretty sure it is in a JCREW envelope bag thing. I shoved all my Christmas stuff in there when I cleaned up,” I told my cousin.

We opened the lid, looked at each other, and then started untying a bag. Once loosened, I peered inside, but couldn’t see the bag. I began to move things around until I saw it.

“There it is! Let’s take it back to the house. I don’t want to stay here.”

I removed the contents of the envelope piece by piece and felt each bag and piece of tissue paper. There were 2 Macy’s bags, but no luck.

“Oh my gahhhh! It’s not here” I was starting to get upset. I threw away my gift, was digging threw the trash, my pants weren’t dry yet, and it was cold outside. I had a Diva moment.

“Let’s go back and look in another one,” my cousin said as she headed back to the front door.

Arms all the way in the trash can again at my brother’s house, I saw a blue car approaching.

“Oh, God! It’s Erick!”

My boyfriend stopped in the road, rolled down his passenger window, and asked “What are you doing?!”

“I threw away my earrings! I can’t find ‘em!”

“Are we eating here or at your house?”

“Ugh…The house.You can go park over there,” I responded, annoyed, while holding my hands and fingers outstretched and spread like I had been electrocuted.

Soon my boyfriend was back and said that me and Emily should dump the bag of trash out to make looking for the Macy’s bag easier. I agreed, but as he started to lift the back above the street said no.

“Not on the street. Do it in the grass! What if a car needs to get by?!”

We dumped the bag in my brother’s yard and after sorting through potato peels, egg shells, and some questionable substances, I saw it. A white Macy’s bag. I grabbed it and felt the bottom. There was something in the bag. I opened it up and pulled out the prettiest dangle hear earrings.Betsey Johnson Earrings

With a huge smile and feeling of relief I said “Found ‘em!”

My cousin snapped a picture to remember it all by and we went back to the house. Everyone was there now.

“Perfect. I still don’t have my pants on and I smell like trash,” I thought to myself.

I told my mom I found them and after cleaning up, put them on and showed them off.

I am grateful to have found them, but more grateful to have family and friends who are willing to dig through the trash to help me.

That is what Christmas is all about.

Betsey Johnson Earrings

I Found My Earrings!