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I Bought a House… Now What?!


BIG NEWS, GUYS! Prepare yourselves for the most bi-polar, tear-jerking blog post ever because I’ve been holding out on ya! Actually, I’ve been holding out on ya for nearly a year. (My apologies. Go grab some Haagen Dazs and get over it. )

If the title wasn’t clear enough, here it is goes… I bought a house! Not just any house, though. A house that holds memories and history; my grandma’s house.

Check for my 1st Home

Check for my 1st Home

When my grandma passed away in May of 2012, it left my family with a huge void. Visiting her house wasn’t the same anymore because it was filled with everything I remembered except her. Standing in the living room looking at her glass trinkets and books made my eyes well over with tears and just made me feel guilty for all the times I chose to surf the internet or walk around in the woods across the street  instead of talking to her a little more. She always had the best, straightforward advice to give, and I very much wish she was still around to help me in my decisions I am making today.

Months passed, and it wasn’t until around December of 2012 that my mom and aunt really started discussing what was going to happen to the house. We were still managing the yard work and upkeep, but the general subject of selling it tended to be avoided… at least by me because I felt it really wasn’t my place to decide.

Secretly, I couldn’t imagine a complete stranger buying and living in the home where I had Easter egg hunts, tea parties, and teddy bear picnics with my grandma. She wasn’t there anymore, but as selfish as it sounds if we (my family) couldn’t have it, I didn’t want anyone to.

House in October 2013

House in October 2013

It was at that very moment that I decided to try and apply for a home loan anyways to see what would happen. To my surprise, I was sent a  pre-approval email and was eventually approved. After a grueling interrogation that made me break a sweat and stutter, digging up and dusting off tax forms, and yelling at my scanner louder than the noises it could make, all paperwork was completed. In June I found myself crunching numbers getting ready to buy my first home. (I swear, the loan people probably know what color underwear I’m wearing right now and my cat’s middle name!)

Finances were tight and my “going out” and “me” money was scarce, but the reward was so much greater than the sacrifice that I didn’t care. Seriously tight, though… like a I-don’t-need-to-eat-for-a-few-months tight.

One month later, I received more good news. I was promoted at work from a Digital Marketing Assistant to a Multimedia Marketing Strategist! The promotion could not have come at a more perfect time! BONUS – a little extra cash could be added to the “me” stash so date nights didn’t have to be sharing Top Ramen.


House in December 2013

I closed on the house on July 29, 2013 and even though I was (and AM)  so excited and proud of myself, I still have the “I bought a house… now what” thought in my head.  But, it’s official now and I have an an engraved “1st Home” charm from James Avery and a “1st Home” Christmas ornament to prove it.That definitely solidifies everything. 

Words cannot explain how happy I am that I get to continue creating memories in the home that already has such a history.

Right now the living room, dining room, and hallways are getting a major face lift, and I plan on going room-by-room until it is just how I like it. 

I love you and miss you, Grandma!

I hope you like what I’ve done to the place. 🙂


  • Marylen Dunk

    Anna – love your “Funk with Dunk” blogs! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, even with your Lost and Found Earrings! We missed you and Erick. Love, Grandma