Cute Kitten & Home Paint Colors


I’ll run later.

That’s what I told myself three times this week after ravaging a:

1) Dairy Queen Hot Fudge Sundae

2) Cinnabon Caramel Pecanbon

3) Marble Slab Amaretto Ice Cream

Ultimately I negotiated with myself and reached an understanding that one time of running would be enough. I felt no buyer’s remorse for my purchases or consumption shortly thereafter. Besides, the sugar rush was onset by a need to celebrate my latest addition and achievement.


This is Luna Tuna Dunk. (Yes, I gave my cat a middle name.) She has big hair, enormous green eyes, and a keen wit that I can’t seem to figure out yet.  She’s just like her Mama. 🙂

Cute Kitten

I found her while mowing the grass at my new house. She was across the street in the woods  all alone crying and I could hear a pack of stray dogs coming. It’s like that moment in a scary movie when you’re yelling at the screen for the girl with a too tight tank top on to shut up because the killer is coming… except this was real life… and with a kitten… and I in no way want to allude that Luna is a hot victim stereotype. However you want to take that bit.

What was I supposed to so? YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE THING. Not saving it would be heartless and disgusting, and if you would consider leaving a kitten to be eaten by a pack of dogs, I hate your face and wish I had some sort of digital feature to block you from my site!

I snagged her and took her home with me.  She was in pretty bad shape (losing fur, weighed only one pound, 3 weeks old, and very shaky), but after several trip$ to the vet, special baths, and 4 bottles of medicine later, she is starting to feel better and attacks my feet and shreds paper every chance she gets. It’s a good thing she’s such a cute kitten…


And here is the achievement! Remember the new house I mentioned earlier? Well, I bought a home and am in the process of fixing it up. Brace yourself for a lot of before and after photos because it’s a fixer-upper.

Exterior painting is now done!  What was once – in my best rapper voice – all peach erryTHANG, is now more defined with white columns and trim, tan insets, and gray shutters. I love old plantation homes which is where I found a lot of the inspiration for the paint colors.

Home Paint Colors

I am very pleased with the way it turned out, and am SUPER excited to get started on the inside soon. You can get a view of what’s going on in my head for design ideas by viewing my board “I Bought A House… Now What” on Pinterest.