Contained Life: Cool Terrariums to Brighten Your Day


Creative people dabble in all things creative. If you’re a writer, photographer, or painter, I think you will agree. I not only enjoy writing; I enjoy editing photos, drawing, digital design, and my newest favorite – terrarium building.

When you think terrarium you may picture an aquarium with a few plants growing in it, but this is not the case for mine. I have to full-on execute a plan, draw pictures, and landscape my mini terrains. Why? Because I want them to be incredible and surprising! I want people to look inside my terrariums and find something other than plants. I want onlookers to see a world, a scene from their favorite movie, or a little bit of beautiful all bottled up.

Cool Terrarium

Project #2 – Windowsill Terrarium


Lichens Found in my Backyard

My boyfriend LOVES Iron Man (I make fun of Iron Man all the time, but I’m not going to lie. It’s mainly to pick on my boyfriend. Iron Man is pretty darn cool with his suits and debonair,  I-don’t-give-a-F attitude.) After discovering the Tiny World Terrariums book, I had this idea to create a terrarium for his birthday with a teeny tiny Iron Man inside. I started researching plants, mosses, soils, lichens, and more. My hard work paid off because the finished product was so perfect and my boyfriend absolutely loved it Sometimes he calls me to ask if he should water it or not. His concern for keeping it a lovely green is proof to me that I gave him the right gift.

Cool Terrarium

Project #1 – Iron Man Terrarium

Since then, I’ve created a few more terrariums and have plans to create more. Maybe even take custom orders if all goes well! 😉

Gaze-inducing, cool, and fun – contained life is the way to go if you are looking for a gift that will mean something.

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