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I’ve been on an Amazon craze lately. I forgot about it since Christmas and now it’s like I need to hide my debit card and block myself from the site because three shipments have been made to me already! Yes, shipments. In my possession I now have a  Unicorn Mask, 10 Mini Plants, a Mardi Gras Mask, and some books that I have started reading and absolutely love.  (I will explain all of the other random purchases later… They all have a purpose, I pinky swear! )

For your viewing, reading, and leisurely pleasure, I recommend you grab these four books!

Awesome Book #1: I Could Pee on This

Author: Francesco Maciuliano

Why It’s Awesome: This is a book of poetry written from the perspective of… wait for it… CATS! The poems are categorized by Work, Play, etc. and are absolutely hilarious and completely relatable if you have ever owned a cat. Check out the poem in the picture below if you don’t believe me.



Awesome Book #2: Tiny World Terrariums

Authors: Michelle Inciarrano & Katy Maslow

Why It’s Awesome: The creators of this book actually own a terrarium shop called Twig, and they definitely don’t sell your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill terrariums. Complete with fairies, grazing cattle, and even tiny people, these terrariums actually are tiny worlds. This book will let you in on the secrets of Twig’s success and even gives a reference guide on where you can find materials and super cool miniatures yourself.



Awesome Book #3: Creative Walls

Author: Geraldine James

Why It’s Awesome: As mentioned in my previous post, I typically don’t like to, or can’t, coordinate things on my wall to make a cohesive look. This book is full of vivid pictures of actual people’s homes and shows you how to make stunning vertical displays for jewelry, ticket stubs, photos, paintings, mirrors, collectibles, and pretty much everything else in between. The photos are great, but it is the in-depth descriptions on why the placement works that will teach you how to confidently display your own treasures.



Awesome Book #4: Homespun Style

Author: Joanna Simmons

Why It’s Awesome: When I visit someone’s home, this might be crazy, but I actually want it to feel like a home. I want it to have things out of place. I want to feel like I can sit on a couch or sink down into a chair with worrying about wrinkling something. The lived-in looks in this book scream comfy cozy. The decor and furniture isn’t stuffy or uptight; it’s inviting, and often colorful. If you want your home to show who you are, I suggest you read this book.


If you would like any more information on the books above, just let me know!

Happy Reading!

All book photos courtesy of Amazon. 🙂


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