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I have so many photos on my smartphone (over 600) and digital camera (about 12 GB worth) that I was a little sad to realize I hadn’t even printed 2% of them. Photos preserve memories and the good ones deserve to be shared with others. I don’t particularly like hanging too much on my walls, or having a ton of frames, so I went looking for some alternatives on how I could put my photos on display. I found three really great options, two of which I have already tried and love!

1) Turn Your Instagrams Into Magnets

Stickygram is a really neat company that takes your Instagram photos and puts them on magnets. All you have to do is visit and choose nine of your favorite snapshots to print for $15. In a few business days your prints will arrive at your door with no additional shipping cost!

I ordered two sheets and was really pleased at how they turned out. I even made some duplicates and gave the magnets as a little extra gift with my Valentine’s Day cards. My mom and aunt loved the magnet of the Buddy Holly stage when we all went to go see an impersonator together. Such a fun time and a good way to remember it!  (You can follow me on Instagram @MissAnnaDunk.)

Instagram Magnets

My Instagram magnets at my desk at work

2) Smashbook Your Photos

Scrapbooks are beautiful, but I simply don’t have the time or money to make one for all the photos I have. While reading O! Magazine, I read an article about a man who took all his photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia and put them into journals. I liked the idea of this, but it wasn’t until I was at Target a few days later when I spotted this great journal, or Smashbook, by K&Company that got me in a creative frenzy. Each page in this journal has a different background, so you don’t have to spend extra money buying scrapbook paper.

I dug out old some old memory boxes with letters, tickets, napkins with notes, balloons, and more, and started putting everything together. I haven’t made too much progress, but wanted to share a page that I have finished. I’m super excited to keep adding to it, and I’m thinking about buying three books: one for Erick and I, one of my family, and one of nature and animals.


Smashbook page from my trip to Louisiana

3) Put Your Photos on a ViewMaster 

Remember that cool toy you had when you were little that you looked through and clicked the side to see different pictures? Yes, a ViewMaster! Now you can make your own film reels by sending your photos to Image3D.  There is something about these, dare I say it, toys that draw you in. If you were to just leave a ViewMaster somewhere someone would pick it up and be looking through it in about two seconds. They are just that cool. (This is the one I haven’t tried yet, but I can’t wait to!)

Whether you need an awesome  invitation or a fun way to preserve your photos, this is a really great idea that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

ViewMaster Reel

Make custom ViewMaster reels with Image3D

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