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Beware of Android Devices, Thieves!


Android Operating System

With apps that can enable your smartphone’s GPS or cause your phone to wail if it is on silent when you’ve SecurityApplost it (Thank you, genius creator, for this one!), it doesn’t shock me that the latest security app will snap a picture of an imposter who has unsuccessfully attempted to unlock your phone more than three times, and then email the photo to you! The name of the app – LockCam.

Pair this mobile security app with a GPS one I mentioned earlier, and voilà! The odds of retrieving your stolen or lost phone are greatly increased.

Currently, the LockCam is only available for phone’s running Google’s Android operating system, and is FREE.  Lookout Mobile Security, the creators of the app, said they have plans to add it to iPhone, but do not have a specified time of when it will be available.

For more information on the app, you can go here.


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