Our Second First Date- Part II


Our first date started how any normal first date would. Erick came to my house to pick me up, met my mom and dad (Thank you, Dad for not making him raise his right hand and swear to an oath like the other guy, which did not result in a second date. This story is a blog entry in itself.), and we were off to see a movie which I cannot remember the name of now.

SIDE NOTE- In my opinion, and I’m sure a lot of girls would agree with this, going to see a movie is the worst first date scenario ever. Dates are about getting to know each other better and you simply can’t do that in a crowded theater while the Regal Cinema simulated roller-coaster ride is playing.

Being that this was the first time the two of us had ever hung out together outside of school by ourselves, I expected it to be different, but not so uncomfortable.  I’m not sure if we were used to our friends filling in all the weird silences, but our date was equivalent to sitting in a doctor’s office.  First date  giddiness quickly wore off when I found myself staring out the car window more than chatting, or using things that were outside the window to keep the conversation going. Maybe it was the sheer fear that this was a, dare i say it, DATE,   that made us terrifed.  I still don’t know why there was a weird vibe then because it is non-existent now. I don’t even know  how we managed to go to Amy’s Ice Cream after the movie, unless there was morse code in there somewhere.  Needless to say, on the way back home,  the saying “you could cut the tension with a knife” would be doing our situation a favor.  At my front door my sly sideways one-armed hug maneuver somehow turned into a kiss that I think neither one of us were prepared for and best described as eww and messy. The same moment I said bye and pulled away was the exact same moment I decided we were not going on a second date.

After that, things got weird when we would see each other at school. I found myself trying to avoid Erick. I didn’t want to talk about our date or  about the freakish  lip touching ambush. Erick and I didn’t call each other, didn’t text. We had mutual feelings of un-second-date-worthiness, which was c o m p l e t e l y fine by me. The most contact we had was a quick smirk if  our plans to avoid each other failed.

We ignored each other for a good year and went along with our own lives. I started dating other people and we carried on as if nothing had never happened. It wasn’t until my senior year of homecoming that we started talking again and had our second first date.

To Be Continued…


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