Our Second First Date – Part I (How Erick & I Met)


In honor of Valentine’s Day (yes, I know I’m a little late), I figured now’s a better time than ever to share a light-hearted, twisted plotline love story of my own.

My boyfriend, Erick, and I-now 5 years and 5 months down the road- are high school sweethearts, but our path we traveled down could put any Rom-Com to shame. Fate, as many call it, brought us together when we both made top band our freshmen year- a rarity that often incited ridicule by the jealous upperclassmen. I played the French horn and he the trombone, but other than that, fate was brushed aside and ignored. For the most part we never noticed each other. It wasn’t until almost a year and a half later that our two separate groups of friends somehow melded together to become one amazing posse that ate lunch at Norma’s (the greasiest Mexican food restaurant ever) and went out together after football games.

Erick & I on the way home from a football game

In the summer time, I did a lot of extra help around the bandhall.  I would pass out music, carry megaphones and boxes of place markers, all of which gave me a free hall pass to be 15 minutes late to our scorching 110 degree outdoor marching practices. Erick would fill and carry water containers on a special roller- a two person job. It wasn’t long before I started helping with this, too. At first, because I just didn’t want to do the stupid warm-up stretches, and then because I liked talking to Erick. He was funny-himself. It’s hard to find people who are genuine and Erick was always that. I think one of the most awkward parts of dating is the trying to impress the other person part, so being able to skip that step was a major bonus.

Erick (on the far R), me, and some friends on my junior year homecoming 2005

The summer months past and our junior year started. It wasn’t long before short compliments like “you look really pretty today” or “I like your shirt” turned into a first date. I remember when he called to ask me if I wanted to hang out with him over the weekend. Hang out made it sound so casual that  I asked who else was going.  That moment serves as a great foreshadow as to how awkward things were going to be on our first date…

To Be Continued

Until Part II arrives, here’s a list of tips I found for you singletons to keep your dates from turning incredibly weird. Here  are 5 easy tips to keep dating fun and enjoyable. It is written for a male audience, but the advice could work for guys & gals.


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