Comma in the Price Tag


As much as I try not to get my heart set on objects that have commas in the price tag, I  just couldn’t fight this one. I spotted a man riding this contraption while at the Farmer’s Market, and I after I saw it I immediately started searching for it.  I didn’t really know what to search for because I saw it briefly and from a distance. (FYI- My vision is equivalent to a bat’s at the strike of noon.) I tried bike with no seat, scooter bike, standing bicycle, but had no luck. It wasn’t until I saw it at a bike shop that I found out it was called an Elliptigo.

Part elliptical, part bicycle,  the Elliptigo is said to be like running on air. There is no stress or impact put on your joints, just like the classic workout machine, but instead of remaining stationary, you can cruise around and see the city, like on a bike. Unfortunately, this pretty new engineering comes with a pretty new price tag; the base model is $1,799 and the top model runs for $3,499. I’m considering getting the base model because 1) it is cheaper 2) stand still treadmills/ellipticals are lame 3) I love biking and 4) my right knee has issues and starts hurting when I run over 2 miles.

The website to check it out for yourself is here-  It is way cooler to see in person, though. The video does no justice.

  • Katie


    That is so amazing! If I had the money I’d totally buy one! It looks fun! And I like the whole standing up thing.

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