My Car’s Glass is Half Full


I’m sure you’ve heard of the acronym P.O.S., which in many cases is followed by the word car. But for me, every time I start to complain about my car, I think of how fortunate I am to have one. (I had friends in college that didn’t and they never let it ruin their day. Heck, I even knew people who didn’t have cell phones!) So instead of focusing on the bad about my car, which is a 1996 Ford Mustang, I am going to focus on the good.

1) My Mustang has the best trunk security system ever, hands down! You know the lock on the center of the trunk so you can open it? Well mine fell inside my trunk so now no one can break in. Not even me. If there is something you need in my trunk, good luck getting to it because all that is left is a 3/4 inch diameter hole for you to pull objects through. Take that potential hoodrats!

2) My guesstimation skills have improved by 350% because my speedometer only works some of the time. When it is not dancing around to its own beat, it is just chillin’ at the bottom of my dash. This means that I have to gauge my speed based on the other cars around me. Scout’s honor, I am most definitely not creepin’ on you. If the little orange arrow were personified, its favorite song would be Jump Around by House of Pain. 

The faulty speedometer also has another bonus.  Because of it, I avoid all school zones, meaning your child is a little bit safer. (And so is my wallet since there won’t be any cops in my rear view. WIN WIN!)

3) My car has a secret hiding spot. (Well, not so secret any more.) There is a small concave piece in my door handle installed there to hold coins and other miscellaneous items, but about 4 years ago, the space became even larger. I can now lift this small compartment out of my door, sometimes it unwillingly comes off when I shut my door, and use the entire inside of the door panel. I’ve never hid anything in there before, but since I am looking on the bright side,  I’m willing to keep my options open.

Remember, no matter how bad you think your circumstances are, try to look at the good . With that being said – Thank you Baby  Jesus for keeping my trunk secure, sharpening  my skills, and giving me an extra good spot to hide Christmas gifts. My car’s glass will always be half full.

  • automotivemusings


    I’ll be sure to get plenty of in-depth coverage of the ’13 Fusion at the Chicago Auto Show (2/10-2/19). Check back for my review of it. I drooled over the ’11 Mustang GT so much last year that I went out at bought one. I don’t know if my writing/pics/videos will compel you to go buy one, but if you do, Ford owes me a small commission.

  • Anna Dunk


    Yes, people quiver when they see me in my big sunglasses and vintage dress pull up beside them. I like my Mustang’s bodystyle, but I must admit… I’m pretty excited for the 2013 Ford Fusion to come out. It. Looks. Insane.

  • automotivemusings


    In addition to your impenetrable security system, your Mustang’s body style is timeless. I have always liked the looks of the 94-98 Mustang. Oh, and I’m sure you strike fear into the hearts of your opponents at red lights 🙂

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