Wanna Buy A Vowel?


Some days I just feel like doing this. Stand up so assured and enthusiastically that my chair flies back, channel my inner-man (or future maternal? ) strength, and flip my desk over with the attitude of one bad mama jama.  Look at the guy’s face in frame 2. He is ecstatic, liberated, and unburdened from whatever he was burdened from before. He somehow put on about 10lbs in between standing and flipping the desk, but hey… he’s happy now and that’s all that matters.

Until I muster up enough courage and/or frustration, this bold action will have to wait patiently on my bucket list.

I’m wishing you a stress free, non-desk flipping kinda day always, but if you happen to do this sometime, please feel free to send me pictures or videos of the Hollywood worthy scenario.

**As a side note, if I have children, a means of punishment will definitely be enrolling them in night classes.


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