Shake It


Remember this thing? You should because it was probably your go-to confidante when trying to make important life decisions, or answer yes/no questions when you were younger. Aptly named the “Magic 8 Ball”, after asking your question, 1/20 revelations would float up from the dark murky liquid to present your destiny. But what did you do if you got a “no” when you asked about the love of your life, or what about a “certainly” to failing your test?! You shake the crap outta that thing until you get the answer you want, a technique I still use to this day, and where this story begins.

The other day, my mom and I were talking about how much we were craving pesto. I have a recipe for a spinach and toasted walnut one that is delicious, and the best part is, you can put this stuff on everything. Spread it on sandwiches, dip crackers in it, toss it in pasta, put it over grilled chicken, and it is guaranteed to taster better.

Mom brought home all the ingredients needed to make it, so I set to work measuring out cups of spinach and tablespoons of parmesan, and while doing this, decided it would be best to double the recipe. Why not? I bring my lunch to work all the time and it was for sure going to all get eaten. More parmesan, more spinach (now totaling 6 cups), among the walnuts and other things, were in the blender/food processor.

I hit the “On” button, then “chop” to get a good start on mixing everything together. A horrible noise (this was common and expected) broke out and I could see the processor whirring, but it wasn’t catching any of the spinach. After I hit buttons a few more times, and shoved a spoon into the green abyss,  I decided to use the tried and true solution; I decided to shake it. As it was screaming, I grabbed the blender by its glass handle and began rocking it back and forth, gently at first. When that didn’t work, my grasp turned to a full-on, violent, shaken blender syndrome worthy movement. I was determined to have my pesto, not some weird version of a spinach salad.

Thankfully, I didn't get as angry as this guy.

After about 6 good hits to the counter top, all while the blades were still moving, it finally caught the green, spinachy mass and it was emulsified into pesto goodness. The classic shake manuever had yet again reigned victorious.

All hail the Magic 8 Ball, for he is the one who began a legacy of triumph!


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