I Learned Something Today


You never stop learning. Ever. Even if it is incredibly random, completely esoteric, or utterly useless, if it’s information you didn’t know before, it counts as something learned.

Today, I heard a word I’ve never heard before and immediately looked up its definition. This wasn’t just any word, though. This word required a specialized dictionary that included slang and colloquial terms. It needed the website I use to look up rap and hipster lingo. It needed Urban Dictionary.

What word did I type in? Asshatery. Yes, Asshatery. (Not to be confused with the uncompounded word ass clown, which I also recently discovered.)  It was so fascinating a noun that I had to find out what it meant.

My fingers typed each letter of the word and I hit [enter] to find this:

Which in turn led me back to the search bar to type in asshat.

Words cannot describe how many people I called asshats in my mind, or how much asshatery I had been through so far. There’s no parking meters left?! ASSHATERY! I have to pay 5 bucks for parking now?! What a bunch of ASSHATS! This new word just seemed so fitting for situations in my life. So fitting, in fact, that I had to share it.

I hope you learned something today.  If not from my modern vocabulary lesson, then from something, or someone, else. Remember, the day you stop learning is the day you become an asshat.


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